The Jiu-Jitsu After Dark ramblin' then interviewing people who I think are interesting. 


JJAD #24- Jimmy Pedro, two-time Olympic Judo Medalist and coach of the 2012 and 2016 Team USA judo teams calls into The Basement to talk about cross-training, the chances of BJJ getting into the Olympics and some big news for Rickson Gracie's new Jiu-Jitsu Global Federation!

JJAD #23- Cindi Bottelberghe, Driller MMA straw weight contender talks about her upcoming title shot, training at Rufus Sports with some of the best in the world and why anyone would ever leave San Diego and go live in Wisconsin.

JJAD #22- Jessica Fresh, Driller MMA straw weight contender talks about the world of female amateur wrestling, TUF 20 and her desire to be a fighter.


JJAD #21- Jesse Saxon from White Belt Survival Strategies talks about why any of us should care about the survival of white belts...and actually some things you are really going to want to hear, especially for those new to BJJ. Click HERE to link to his page.

JJAD #20- Listener Mail- I answer emails from listeners because it was easier than booking a guest. What?

JJAD #19- Erik Paulson- Erik talks about the importance of self-defense over sport, how to train and ghosts...yeah, I said it, ghosts. Surprised the f*** out of me too.