#150 - IBJJF-Off

Chris and Jon eventually get around to talking about BJJ and it quickly devolves into their dislike of the IBJJF and everything they stand for...or don't stand for. Hint: they stand for money, they don't stand for anything else.

#149 - Friendship?

Chris and Jon discuss how bad Jon is at managing his time off, take sides on Nate Diaz, remember the Juliette Lewis Effect, and finally take time to mourn the loss of Spike TV.

#147 - What's Wrong With My D***?

Chris and Jon ask themselves an age-old question before delving into training mentality, and a little bit about the important stuff they are always supposed to talk about. And I don't think they mentioned movies once! (recorded 1/25/18 at Grumpy's)

#146 - Losing It

Chris and Jon talk about movies (again), before delving into competition training and exactly how much weight Jon gains when he gets lazier than usual. (recorded 1/11/18 at the Academy in Eden Prairie, MN)

#137 - Jon2Win

Chris and Jon discuss the upcoming Fight2Win Minneapolis and the strange turn that has lead to Jon being a commentator at the event. (recorded 10/03/2017 at Grumpy's)

#134 - Priorities

During a time span that included both a MASSIVE PPV fighting event and ANOTHER failed drug test, Chris and Jon know where their priorities land and only talk about that stuff for about 10 minutes. Total. (recorded 09/05/17 at Grumpy's)

#133 - It Gets Dark

Chris and Jon get to talking about BJJ and some of their highs and lows, but before that, it gets dark...just power through. And stop thinking about Goro like that... (recorded 08/21/2017 at Grumpy's)