#129 - Ask Us Stuff

After 3 years, Chris makes it clear that he's tired of just talking to Jon. He wants to hear from the listeners. Send ANY questions to jiujitsuafterdark@gmail.com or on social media @jiujitsuafterdark on IG and @bjjafterdark on twitter. Or just Google us. You know.

#127 - Don't Mind The Belt

Chris and Jon talk BJJ! Seriously! They actually talk about competing and training and the complexity of rank...and then they start talk about..."other" stuff... (record 06/05/17 at Grumpy's)

#126 - Always Sunny

The discussion turns toward equal rights as Chris and Jon discuss stupid people. There is also talk of movies and other things you should be doing instead of listening to the podcast. (recorded 5/31/17 at Corner Bar)

#125 - Perspective

Jon occasionally tries to put things into perspective as Chris plots to get into NASA, helps break up an assault and can't hold his bladder. (recorded 5/8/17 at Grumpy's)

#124 - Special Sauce

Chris and Jon talk Big John McCarthy, BBQ sauce and art...yes, art.  (recorded 5/3/17)

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Kenai BBQ Sauce: https://www.kenaipremierbbqsauce.com/

#123 - Still Here

Thought Chris and Jon were gone? Wrong! Wait...why did you even think that? They're just lazy. And they like to talk about MMA and movies, so...admit it, you're glad they are back. (recorded 4/24/17 at Grumpy's in Minneapolis)

#122 - Slap Fight

Chris and Jon discuss the joys of diets, awkward calendar shoots and getting too touchy during BJJ competitions. (recorded 4/5/2017 at Corner Bar in Minneapolis)

#117 - Jon Goodman

Jon's not feeling well, he got hit by a car, or stuck in quicksand, or married to Roseanne or something about tape...Chris isn't sympathetic. (recorded 1/30/17 at Grumpy's in Minneapolis)


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#115 - The Arts

Jon and Chris discuss the connected between the podcast and MMA's newest fan, what counts as art and new uses for finger tape - get 10% off at powertraintape.com with promo code: afterdark. (recorded 1/11/17 at Corner Bar in Minneapolis)

#114 - Baggage

Jon and Chris talk UFC 207, the implications of Ronda's loss, a glimpse back at the year and, of course (for some reason): movies. (recorded 1/4/17 at Corner Bar in Minneapolis)