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World Jiu-Jitsu Expo 2013 (Day 2) Results


Here are the complete Day 2 results.

Oh, and I got a chance to go back and watch Caio vs Pham. Caio won by a pretty nasty omoplata/crooked armbar.

- Bruno Malfacine defeated Jeff Glover via points 5-2

As expected, Glover tried a little trickery, but Bruno didn't fall for it, winning by a sweep and guard pass.

- Dean Lister defeated Trasis Humphreys via heel hook.


- Paulo Miyao dominated the match against Jon Fitch but was unable to submit in the submission only format. It was declared a draw, but Fitch conceded that Miyao owned the match.

- Leandro Lo tried all he could to make a match against Jake Shields interesting...and failed. Draw.

Jake Shields could find a way to make lighting himself on fire boring.

Black Belt Grand Prix Results

1st place- Ricardo Rezende (via toe hold)

2nd place- James Puopolo

3rd place- Nathan Mendelsohn, Jackson Sousa

World Jiu-Jitsu Expo 2013 (Saturday Results)


Why are you all missing this stuff in favor of boring UFC events? Shame.

Saturday's Results

Phillipe Nover vs Efrain Escudero tied after 20 minutes in their no gi match.

João Miyao defeats Eduardo Telles 2-0 on advantages.

-The Miyao's are certainly out there to prove the neysayers wrong about their quick ascension to black belt. Can brother Paulo make it two for two?

Keenan Cornelius submitted Lucas Leite (armbar).

-Keenan set the armbar up off a half guard kimura. My personal favorite...I'm not saying that I'm the reason Keenan won, but I think the facts speak for themselves.

Rafael Lovato Jr and Murilo Santana tied after a 20-minute sub-only no-gi match.

- Lots of defense, a little boring for spectating purposes.

Caio Terra submitted Nam Phan.

Sundays Matches:

Jake Shields vs. Leandro “Lo” Nascimento (It has to be more exciting than Shields's MMA fights, right?)

Dean Lister vs. TBA (I can't remember if Paul Harris backed out, but this match no longer interests me)

Paulo Miyao vs. Jon Fitch (very interesting)

Bruno Malfacine vs. Jeff Glover (money on if Glover turns his back to start the match?)

Here is also the local BJJ connection, Inacio Neto of Gracie Barra, who participated in the Brown Belt Grand Prix tournament.The results of all his matches (matches were awarded points based on outcome. Those with the most overall points moved on).

Inacio was in Group B of the competitors

Travis Stevens defeated Inacio Neto by armbar Inacio Neto defeated Bruno Iglesias by 6-0 points Inacio Neto defeated Shiloh Roberts by 3-2 points Tim Spriggs defeats Inacio Neto by 12-0 points Felipe Silva defeated Inacio Neto by kneebar Inacio Neto receives 3 points from absence of Arnaldo

2013 World Jiu-Jitsu Expo Brown Belt Grand Prix Results:

1st- Tim Spriggs (via advantages 5-1)

2nd- Thiago Sa

3rd- Manuel Diaz, Felipe Silva

For all those that have trained with Inacio or seen him compete, now you realize how f***ing badass brown belt competition is at the very top levels. Congrats to Inacio for participating and having some truly impressive matches.