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MN Grappling Events Feb-June 2014

Okay, I'll build on this list as I go, but I wanted to get this stuff out there and correct as needed. First up... February 22nd- Midwest Submission Challenge

Location info: Washburn High School, Minneapolis. This was a very smoothly run tournament the first time they were in town. Gi and no gi with submission only formatting (and a clever little OT idea). I'll post more info soon, but I'm pretty sure pre-reg cost is $40

More info at

March 30th- MKG Gi and No Gi Tournament

Location info: Minnesota Kali Group, 4532 Chicago Ave. South, Minneapolis. Weigh-ins are at 9am that Sunday, yes Sunday. This is a double elimination tournament starting at 10am. $25 for 1 division, $30 for both. This is a smoothly run and fun tournament, one of my favorites.

Contact Fabio at 763-370-9763 for information.

April 26th- Grappling Games in Hudson

Location info: Hudson High School. One of my favorite tourneys, well run, inexpensive, double elimination with gi and no gi. All proceeds go to charity. DO THIS TOURNEY!

May TBD- Submission Hunt

No info yet and date not confirmed.

May 3rd- Minnesota Grappling Challenge

Location info: Minneapolis Convention Center Exhibit Hall. See for details. I'll post more soon, but they will be able to answer more than I will.

May 17th- NAGA Minneapolis

Location info: Concordia University in St. Paul. Very cool medals, etc, however, given that this has been a strangely busy competition season for Minnesota, the cost might be a little scary for some people. $80 for 1 division, $100 for both (plus $5 internet registration fee).