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World Jiu-Jitsu Expo 2013 (Day 2) Results


Here are the complete Day 2 results.

Oh, and I got a chance to go back and watch Caio vs Pham. Caio won by a pretty nasty omoplata/crooked armbar.

- Bruno Malfacine defeated Jeff Glover via points 5-2

As expected, Glover tried a little trickery, but Bruno didn't fall for it, winning by a sweep and guard pass.

- Dean Lister defeated Trasis Humphreys via heel hook.


- Paulo Miyao dominated the match against Jon Fitch but was unable to submit in the submission only format. It was declared a draw, but Fitch conceded that Miyao owned the match.

- Leandro Lo tried all he could to make a match against Jake Shields interesting...and failed. Draw.

Jake Shields could find a way to make lighting himself on fire boring.

Black Belt Grand Prix Results

1st place- Ricardo Rezende (via toe hold)

2nd place- James Puopolo

3rd place- Nathan Mendelsohn, Jackson Sousa