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ADCC 2013 Final Results


Here are the final results, most of them with how they won their medal.

And for the record, I didn't post live action updates because I was busy trying to see if there is such thing as a kickstart fund to pay my bills.

It turns out, that's just called panhandling.

I'm considering it.


1st: Kron Gracie (guillotine)

2nd: Octavio de Souza

3rd: sorry missed it. Either JT Torres or Leo Vieria

Looks like Kron has found the swagger he had as a brown belt. Maybe no gi is his true calling.


1st: Romulo Barral (3-0)

2nd. Rafael Lovato Jr

3rd: Keenan Cornelius (defeated Pablo Popvich on points)

How the f*** did Popovich lose twice?!


1st: Joao Assis (5- -1)

2nd: Dean Lister

3rd: Leo Nogueira (over Cristiano Lassarini via 2OT dec)

I expected Lister/Assis in the final, so no surprises here.


1st: Marcus Buchecha (heel hook)

2nd: Joao Gabriel Oliveira

3rd: Cyborg (defeated Jared Dropp 3-0)


1st: Cyborg Abreau (10-0)

2nd: Buchecha Almeida

3rd: Keenan Cornelius (3-0 vs. Dean Lister)

Anyone else think that it took too long to promote Keenan? Kind of amazed at Cyborg's beast showing. Looked like a total animal in all matches.

Women's under 66kg

1st: Michele Nicolini (heel hook...on my heart)

2nd: Luana Alzuguir

3rd: ?

Women's over 66kg

1st: Gabi Garcia (via reality...and a choke)

2nd: Maria Malyjasiak

3rd: Tammy Griego (2OT dec over Fenanda Mazelli)


Mario Sperry defeated Fabio Gurgel...after a looooooong time via decision.