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Metamoris 5 (Quick Results)

Spoilers: here's is who won, lose and (most likely) drew...drawed...drawn? Whatever, here are the quick results from Metamoris 5:

Gary Tonnen defeated Zak Maxwell via heel hook (no time given)

Vinny Magalhaes and Matheus Diniz fought to a draw (not bad for brown belt Diniz, even though half the fight was clinch work)

Keenan Cornelius and Yuri Simoes fought to a draw

SECRET MATCH: Jake Shields and Roberto Satoshi fought to a draw (I didn't know Shields could put on an entertaining show. Go figure...)

JT Torres and Rory Macdonald fought to a draw (not gonna lie, most disappointed by this draw)

Renzo Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba fought to a draw


Sigh, bring the gi matches back

Gear Review: Fuji Sports Freestyle Rashguard

20141002_081001-1 You need a rashguard. I don’t care where you train, if you only train gi or no gi, you need a rashguard. Now, some of you out there might have a wrestling background, or perhaps something with looser standards and mores in regards to clothing. Someplace where the guys in the gym seem more than ready to take off their shirts to roll.

Actually, this review is ESPECIALLY for you.

As you can tell from the picture, the Fuji Freestyle rashguard is an IBJJF approved ranked rashguard, which is nice, since it’s one less thing to worry about and seems to be the route that many rashguards are starting to take.

Over the years, I’ve owned more than a few rashguards, so I have a checklist of my own when it comes to what I look for:


Reinforced stitching, like the stitching found in the Freestyle rashguard, is a must.

Early on in my grappling journey I went for cheap, something I could get at target or Walmart or for cheap at a sporting goods store. A lot of the time it was Under Armor or some version there in. The problem is that those rashguards aren’t made for grappling, they are made just to exist and be sold, functionality is rarely a concern.

So what you get, to paraphrase The Bard is "a guaranteed piece of sh-t". Actually, it's not guaranteed, I just really like Chris Farley and wanted to shoe horn a reference in here somewhere.

These are the rashguards you wash a few times then pull it out and there's a tear in the sleeve if it's not missing outright. Don't sacrifice quality to save a few bucks when the investment will last you for years.

Anti-microbial fabric

I sweat. A lot. Like, a lot. I sweat like I’m guilty. I don’t know why, it’s just how I roll. That being said, regardless of how much you may sweat, you are going to be rolling around with other people, other people who sweat. As such, germs get spread and they like to hang around, if for no other reason than to stink up your gear, let alone spreading other nasty stuff.

Sorry for getting all science-talk there.

Having been rolling in this rashguard for the last few weeks I can tell you, this rashguard doesn’t stink. I’ve worn other brands, brands I won’t list hear that stink the moment you put them on, but the anti-microbial fabric used in this rashguard is doing it’s job.

Especially with my glands.


This never used to matter, then I bought a couple rashguards that didn’t fit very well. I mean the neck was really tight, which is perhaps the most annoying thing to me in a rashguard. And I’m not talking about being tight to the skin, like the Freestyle is, but actually constricting, more like’s it’s a turtle neck.

The Freestyle rashguard is form fitting, but made to fit comfortable without add constriction or the unwanted desire to adjust the neck or sleeves.

Speaking of the sleeves, I prefer a short sleeved rashguard, I always have, not sure why. Regardless, the problem with a lot of short sleeved rashguards is that the sleeves are often either too short and tight, or too long and loose, fitting more like a t-shirt.

The sleeves on the Freestyle go down about to the elbow and have a snug fit so they won’t roll or bunch up into the armpit.

Combining all these facets quickly made for my favorite rashguard. The only downside is that I only have one of them. Of course, that’s something I can easily remedy at:

Jessica Fresh- JJAD #22- 10/24/14

jjad Jessica "Freshica" Fresh, former collegiate wrestler and up-and-coming straw weight fighter joins the podcast to talk about The Ultimate Fighter, getting started in MMA and stuff that happens in Iowa.

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White Belt Survival Strategy- JJAD #21- 10/15/14

jjadAre you a white belt? Are you struggling to survive? Check out: for articles and tips. Are you lonely, is my voice soothing to you? Sorry, those are issues I can't help. Not at all. [audio mp3=""][/audio]

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Listener Mail- JJAD #20- 10/10/14

jjadSwitched it up this week and just did a little Q&A with listener mail. If you didn't like the questions, send more email. Complicated, I know. Oh, and someone did the audio for me, so let me know how it sounds. [audio mp3=""][/audio]

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Kurt Osiander- JJAD #17- 09/21/14


Kurt (joined by wife Melissa) talks "colorfully" about Maker's Mark, being asked to participate in Metamoris 5 (!), submission only and plays a game of "Drink or Grapple". Yes, there is A LOT of swearing, as it should be. And I think he was naked...

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Emily Kwok- JJAD #16- 09/14/14

jjad World Champion Emily Kwok calls The Basement and we talk about what it takes to be a World Champion, or more like what you need to give up. Then it gets real. A great interview from one of BJJ's great competitors, teachers and personalities. With a little audio hiccup about halfway through thanks to skype.

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Nate Howe- JJAD #15- 09/04/14

jjad I sat down with Minnesota grappler/mma fighter Nate Howe and talked with him about his roots in Rickson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, his evolution as a fighter, his upcoming fight at RFA 19 at Mystic Lake Casino on October and perhaps, a couple of my own small BJJ rants...and I was totally sober. Shocking.

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Jiu-Jitsu After Dark Podcast #13- 08/18/14


Jeff Glover fallout from Metamoris 4 and how stupid it is, not to mention the new IBJJF, I mean, JJGF rulebook. Cheers.

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Jiu-Jitsu After Dark Podcast Episode 4- 07/22/14

logo_design (3)


Okay, I got a little mad at Pop Tarts. It happens. Also, talkin' bout Rickson.

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BJJ/Muay Thai Comp: Style Wars 07/12/14


Something for everyone: BJJ/Grappling Comp, Muay Thai smoker and obstacle course race, with proceeds going to Dan Kiser and the Special Operations Warrior Project.


Weigh in & Registration Begins 8am Kids Gi & No-GI Divisions 10:00am-12:00am No-GI Divisions 10:00am-2:00pm Gi Divisions from 12:00pm-4:00pm

- Gi & No Gi  – IBJJF Rules for points, advantages & penalties

-All brackets 4 person round robin.

Weights using the madison system (all weight classes will be within 10% [or less] bodyweight of each other & created the day of the tournament)

Ages: Kids & Teens will all be with in +/-1 year of age.

Adult = 18- 29

Masters = 30 & up Directors = 40 & up Executive = 50 & up

And I'll be there reffing, so...f*** you, show up anyway.


Interested in competing in a Muay Thai smoker fight? Head gear, Shin Pads, & 16oz gloves for all fights (3X2 Minute Rounds for all fights [juniors will be 3 X :90 second rounds])

Smoker Fights 12p

Combat Fitness Challenge

Uncover your inner combat athlete! The ultimate martial arts obstacle race. Test your will power and endurance with this outdoor fitness challenge. A 3 mile run with MMA & Muay Thai “obstacles” to overcome!

Race starts 9a

Event Registration Donation: = $50 (for 1 or all events if possible)

Spectator Donation: $10- (Kids 5 & Under FREE)

Awards for ALL COMPETITORS! 1-4th place


MN Grappling Events Feb-June 2014

Okay, I'll build on this list as I go, but I wanted to get this stuff out there and correct as needed. First up... February 22nd- Midwest Submission Challenge

Location info: Washburn High School, Minneapolis. This was a very smoothly run tournament the first time they were in town. Gi and no gi with submission only formatting (and a clever little OT idea). I'll post more info soon, but I'm pretty sure pre-reg cost is $40

More info at

March 30th- MKG Gi and No Gi Tournament

Location info: Minnesota Kali Group, 4532 Chicago Ave. South, Minneapolis. Weigh-ins are at 9am that Sunday, yes Sunday. This is a double elimination tournament starting at 10am. $25 for 1 division, $30 for both. This is a smoothly run and fun tournament, one of my favorites.

Contact Fabio at 763-370-9763 for information.

April 26th- Grappling Games in Hudson

Location info: Hudson High School. One of my favorite tourneys, well run, inexpensive, double elimination with gi and no gi. All proceeds go to charity. DO THIS TOURNEY!

May TBD- Submission Hunt

No info yet and date not confirmed.

May 3rd- Minnesota Grappling Challenge

Location info: Minneapolis Convention Center Exhibit Hall. See for details. I'll post more soon, but they will be able to answer more than I will.

May 17th- NAGA Minneapolis

Location info: Concordia University in St. Paul. Very cool medals, etc, however, given that this has been a strangely busy competition season for Minnesota, the cost might be a little scary for some people. $80 for 1 division, $100 for both (plus $5 internet registration fee).

Getting Sponsors: KO Sports Gear


If you have any contact with local MMA or BJJ, you are probably already at least somewhat familiar with KO Sports Gear ( and owner Jeff Swanson.

I’ve seen KO Sports Gear being worn in competitions and around events from gyms like The Cellar, Spartan, The Academy, MTT, McCune’s Martial Arts, MCFM, Warrior’s Cove and several others. If you have been to a local comp lately, you have probably seen Jeff tabling there.

Or giving away a lot of cool stuff.

I met Jeff about a year ago and did a write up for one of his rash guards, one that I still wear today. Jeff has been cool enough to sponsor our submission only tournaments and I’ve seen his table set up at NAGA, Grappling Games and local MMA events.

That being said, actually getting sponsored by KO Sports Gear isn’t easy.

This isn’t Jeff’s only job, so you can only imagine what kind of dedication it takes for a person to deal with not only distributors but gyms and grapplers/fighters for the fun of it, especially when it comes to the already saturated BJJ/MMA clothing and gear market.

Here’s the thing: Jeff actually sells and sells out of camouflage gis.

If that sentence didn’t blow your mind, then you don’t really understand this game. Traditional gi colors of white, blue and black have dominated the scene and I’ve only seen a handful of ads at most that ever feature camo gis. Most of them are targeted at armed forces combative training.

Jeff can’t keep them in stock.

I talked with a grappler friend about his, speculative about the gi as I love my traditional colors. His review was nothing short of resounding. He kept pointing out not only the durability but also the comfort.

I have to agree, as an owner of supposed “light” and “feather” gis, they feel like heavy down-filled jackets compared to Jeff’s camo gi.

But I digress. I’m here to talk about the company and the sponsorship.

Jeff already pounds the pavement, making his presence known at any gym that will let him in the door. More often than not, they will end up carrying gear for MMA, BJJ, boxing or all of the above. Frankly, I think it’s pretty sweet to have a local company that actually wants feedback on how to make their products better and up to the specs of the actual users.

Of course, when someone works that hard on their own, actual sponsorship is hard. Jeff briefly spent time sponsoring local fighters, but the returns just weren’t matching the output.

Let me say this for the hundredth time: if you don’t make them money, what good are you as a sponsored fighter?

Giving a shout out on Facebook or Twitter is all well and good, but I’m talking about putting up links, going on forums, actually talking about how much you like the gear to friends and training partners.

Now, Jeff already does part of that making some of the most affordable gear out there. In fact, when people new to BJJ ask me what gear to buy, I always say KO Sports Gear. Affordable and durable are all that newbies should be concerned about.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been classified as a newbie, and I still appreciate those qualities in my gear. I’m not the sucker…I mean sort of guy that will spend $200 on a gi when I know I could get two or three for that same price.

Odds are, the next time you are at a local MMA or BJJ event, Jeff will be there to with everything from boxing/MMA gloves to shin pads to focus mitts to gis to rashguards and everything in between. Stop by and say hi, check out his gear, do a double take at his prices.

Appreciate the local guy that is really out there just because he loves to do it and maybe, if you have any sense, you will realize how fortunate Minnesota is to have someone like Jeff in your gym’s corner.

And on a personal note: I can't f***ing wait until the "smiley face" gi comes out. You have no idea how hard it is to...well, you'll just have to wait and see...

World Jiu-Jitsu Expo 2013 (Day 2) Results


Here are the complete Day 2 results.

Oh, and I got a chance to go back and watch Caio vs Pham. Caio won by a pretty nasty omoplata/crooked armbar.

- Bruno Malfacine defeated Jeff Glover via points 5-2

As expected, Glover tried a little trickery, but Bruno didn't fall for it, winning by a sweep and guard pass.

- Dean Lister defeated Trasis Humphreys via heel hook.


- Paulo Miyao dominated the match against Jon Fitch but was unable to submit in the submission only format. It was declared a draw, but Fitch conceded that Miyao owned the match.

- Leandro Lo tried all he could to make a match against Jake Shields interesting...and failed. Draw.

Jake Shields could find a way to make lighting himself on fire boring.

Black Belt Grand Prix Results

1st place- Ricardo Rezende (via toe hold)

2nd place- James Puopolo

3rd place- Nathan Mendelsohn, Jackson Sousa

World Jiu-Jitsu Expo 2013 (Saturday Results)


Why are you all missing this stuff in favor of boring UFC events? Shame.

Saturday's Results

Phillipe Nover vs Efrain Escudero tied after 20 minutes in their no gi match.

João Miyao defeats Eduardo Telles 2-0 on advantages.

-The Miyao's are certainly out there to prove the neysayers wrong about their quick ascension to black belt. Can brother Paulo make it two for two?

Keenan Cornelius submitted Lucas Leite (armbar).

-Keenan set the armbar up off a half guard kimura. My personal favorite...I'm not saying that I'm the reason Keenan won, but I think the facts speak for themselves.

Rafael Lovato Jr and Murilo Santana tied after a 20-minute sub-only no-gi match.

- Lots of defense, a little boring for spectating purposes.

Caio Terra submitted Nam Phan.

Sundays Matches:

Jake Shields vs. Leandro “Lo” Nascimento (It has to be more exciting than Shields's MMA fights, right?)

Dean Lister vs. TBA (I can't remember if Paul Harris backed out, but this match no longer interests me)

Paulo Miyao vs. Jon Fitch (very interesting)

Bruno Malfacine vs. Jeff Glover (money on if Glover turns his back to start the match?)

Here is also the local BJJ connection, Inacio Neto of Gracie Barra, who participated in the Brown Belt Grand Prix tournament.The results of all his matches (matches were awarded points based on outcome. Those with the most overall points moved on).

Inacio was in Group B of the competitors

Travis Stevens defeated Inacio Neto by armbar Inacio Neto defeated Bruno Iglesias by 6-0 points Inacio Neto defeated Shiloh Roberts by 3-2 points Tim Spriggs defeats Inacio Neto by 12-0 points Felipe Silva defeated Inacio Neto by kneebar Inacio Neto receives 3 points from absence of Arnaldo

2013 World Jiu-Jitsu Expo Brown Belt Grand Prix Results:

1st- Tim Spriggs (via advantages 5-1)

2nd- Thiago Sa

3rd- Manuel Diaz, Felipe Silva

For all those that have trained with Inacio or seen him compete, now you realize how f***ing badass brown belt competition is at the very top levels. Congrats to Inacio for participating and having some truly impressive matches.

ADCC 2013 Final Results


Here are the final results, most of them with how they won their medal.

And for the record, I didn't post live action updates because I was busy trying to see if there is such thing as a kickstart fund to pay my bills.

It turns out, that's just called panhandling.

I'm considering it.


1st: Kron Gracie (guillotine)

2nd: Octavio de Souza

3rd: sorry missed it. Either JT Torres or Leo Vieria

Looks like Kron has found the swagger he had as a brown belt. Maybe no gi is his true calling.


1st: Romulo Barral (3-0)

2nd. Rafael Lovato Jr

3rd: Keenan Cornelius (defeated Pablo Popvich on points)

How the f*** did Popovich lose twice?!


1st: Joao Assis (5- -1)

2nd: Dean Lister

3rd: Leo Nogueira (over Cristiano Lassarini via 2OT dec)

I expected Lister/Assis in the final, so no surprises here.


1st: Marcus Buchecha (heel hook)

2nd: Joao Gabriel Oliveira

3rd: Cyborg (defeated Jared Dropp 3-0)


1st: Cyborg Abreau (10-0)

2nd: Buchecha Almeida

3rd: Keenan Cornelius (3-0 vs. Dean Lister)

Anyone else think that it took too long to promote Keenan? Kind of amazed at Cyborg's beast showing. Looked like a total animal in all matches.

Women's under 66kg

1st: Michele Nicolini (heel hook...on my heart)

2nd: Luana Alzuguir

3rd: ?

Women's over 66kg

1st: Gabi Garcia (via reality...and a choke)

2nd: Maria Malyjasiak

3rd: Tammy Griego (2OT dec over Fenanda Mazelli)


Mario Sperry defeated Fabio Gurgel...after a looooooong time via decision.

BJJ Gyms: Affiliation vs Cult


Don't get me wrong, cults can be a lot of fun. You get to wear robes all day, pretty open bedroom policies and some righteous chanting. The problem is that sooner or later they want you to cut off your b***s and drink some kool-aid so you can hitch a ride on a comet.

I ain't drinkin' your kool-aid.

Which is a hard thing so say, because I f***ing love grape kool-aid.


Sad to say that cults aren't just for Waco or Pennsylvania Dutch country. They seem to be for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, too.

Maybe it is because we are a small sport. By which I would say BJJ is on the fringe of fringe sports. Minnesota has (generously speaking) maybe 600 active BJJ participants. MAYBE.

There are more people than that in some softball leagues.

Perhaps it is the fringe element and the business side of things that forces people to try and milk every cent and every ounce of common sense out of there students.

Recently there has been a lot of unnerving revelations in a major BJJ affiliation. I don't think I need to name them, if you have any link to the BJJ community, you know. And while we all may gasp and ask ourselves how could this happen, I wonder if it happens around here.

People get obsessed with being the best, being a world champion, chasing a medal. Everyone wants to think that the person that teaches them BJJ is the best there is, that they are hitching their ride to the winning horse. They are will to dilute themselves and put up with a lot of bulls*** for it. They are willing to put aside what they say is right out of fear of being an outcast. For fear of being labelled "not good enough".

That's all f***ing bulls**!!!

And we don't serve that here.


Here are some questions you need to ask yourself to determine what quality of a person you are dealing with at a gym:

1) Do they talk trash about other gyms they have never been a part of or even visited?

2) Do they claim to know the best and only way to do something?

3) Do they talk a big game and refuse to compete?

4) Do they refuse to be a part of another gym's events (seminars, comps, etc) without giving any reason?

5) Do they tell you to do anything that makes to second guess if it is the correct, or even legal thing to do?

6) Has your health, safety or membership ever been threatened?

7) Are you afraid to bring up any of the questions above?

I hope you can't answer yes to any of these. I really do.

I couldn't care less if you are a part of a huge international team like Gracie Barra or Alliance or if you are a part of a gym that is just doing what it can to keep up.

My concern is that people are putting aside their own instincts because they are bullied or forced into a mold that someone else created. We are a fringe sport, we are all f***ed up in some way, shape or form otherwise we wouldn't do it. So to say that you must conform within our sport is the epitome of stupidity.

You may not like the way something is done. You may claim their is only one way to lock in a triangle choke, that gi is better than no gi (or vice versa), that one affiliation is better than another, that is your right, you can think whatever the f*** you want.

But for the love of all that is descent, don't you dare ostracize or judge another grappler because they don't fit your mold.

BJJ isn't a cult, it is a family. We have our differences and our own paths, but we should be united by our shared love of the game. Money and medals blind those that neither love the game, nor appreciate their fellow grapplers enough to treat them like humans above all else, humans with the right to choose and live.

And please, if you ever feel like you have been threatened physically or sexually at a gym, contact the police. Tell someone, even if it is a douchebag like me, I will listen and do everything I can to help.

I love this game, it saved me in a lot of ways, don't let someone take away something you love. Ever.