ADCC 2013 Day 1 Results

This will be quick, I'm on the can. Sorry no specific decisions, but, well, I'm on the f***ing can. ADCC_elim_rnd_-66 ADCC_elim_rnd_-77 ADCC_elim_rnd_-88ADCC_elim_rnd_-99   ADCC_elim_rnd_99ADCC_elim_rnd_W-60ADCC_elim_rnd_W60

The only real surprise here was Vinny bowing out early in the super heavy weight. Mildly surprised that Miyao is in the semi finals. Should be some amazing matches today.

Oh, and Galvao finished Braurilo Estima via RNC in the superfight with less than 2 minutes to go.