Getting Sponsors: UR Fight Gear


If you're looking for walkout shirts (for MMA or grappling), the first site your should visit is

I know, it seems a little early in an article for me to be a shill, but it seems that only the first line or so of any of my posts appears when I post in social media, so I figured I should get that part out of the way.

Of course, that doesn't make it any less true.

Getting sponsors sucks. So much so that even the idea of it in my head creates simultaneous feelings of contempt and excitement. Enough so that I wish I were writing this at night so that my impulses were more socially acceptable.

I've said it before, and I'll keep saying it, you won't get sponsors if you can't provide something. You simply need to prove your worth, either by exposure to their company or actual sales of their products.

Well, most sponsors. ( has taken this usual situation and turned it. At least a little, but we'll get back to that.

First is the idea that signing up gets you printed walkout shirts (highly sought after items for fighters of all experience level). And why not? You can't help but feel a little special when you see people wearing a shirt with your name on it. It feels nice, kind of cozy.

The problem is, that many companies that print t-shirts require minimum orders, which means that fighters need to put up their money first and buy X number of shirts, then hope to sell enough of them to at least break even for the purchase.

Now, I don't know about you, but I don't have friends, so that prospect scares me.

Enter UR Fight Gear.

By getting sponsorship through (click on the "get sponsored" tab and fill out the application, wait for a phone call, have a chat, do a few simple facebook tasks) they will print up the shirts for you, make them available on the site. All at no cost to you.

The sales of the shirt go through the website, and you get credit for each shirt sold, which you can put toward getting discounted gear. There are also sales contests that go on within the company that can add to the swag. Again, this is a "quid pro quo" situation that is outlined and set up for you with little effort required.

Here's the big thing that provides for you, particularly  you ammys and grapplers out there with no sponsorship experience: exposure.

Not only website exposure and assistance with other things (like marketing and design), but also a look into what it takes to get sponsored and what you need to do to maintain and get other sponsors.

The contract with this company is renewable and contingent only on the facebook requirements, a pic with you wearing your walkout shirt, and wearing the walkout shirt to your next fight (if you don't, you have to pay for the shirt, otherwise the shirt is free).

Even if all you are looking for is walkout shirts, you aren't going to get a better deal that through this sponsorship. You have no financial obligation and you have some control over the appearance of the shirt. It doesn't get much better.

Did I say that I had a shirt available on the site?


Well, I do, so maybe you should go check it out.

Don't act like I'm better than this. I drink Budweiser...and just about anything else you put in front of me.
If nothing else, should you even be remotely interested in getting a sponsorship, if you have a fight coming up, if you think that you might want to have a fight coming up, if you have a bjj comp coming up or if you just want to check out some sweet looking gear, I recommend you take a look at and see for yourself what is available for the little guy that doesn't get Muscle Pharm or Shoyoroll calling them up about sponsorship.
You might just find a good company what support really is.