Caged Chaos at Canterbury 3 Results (09/20/13)


I wasn't there. I watched the stream, mostly. Some might have parts of play-by-plays, some might have just the results. I don't know.

Frankly speaking (because we all know how rarely that I speak frankly, so I need to preface it) I'm kind of in the middle of a couple of things and I'm baking chocolate chip cookies. That's not a euphemism, I am actually baking cookies. They are light and delicious.

They also go great with Tecate beer.

Whiskey goes great with beer. You can see where all this is going and thus, ideally, understand how I might not give more than a sentence of snarkiness to any given fight.

So, I guess that leaves us with the fights themselves.

Mike Verbeke defeated Tom Krenzel via submission due to strikes at 1:36 of the 2nd round

Jason Wong defeated Robert Confer via TKO at 2:13 of the 2nd round

Might be the first time I've seen a fighter not put on any Vaseline before the fight. And it clearly did not help.

Sam Nelson defeated Mackiel via unanimous decision (30-27 across the board)

...this one was ugly, at least on one side of the cage. I mean U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi. Sometimes I watch fights and have to ask, "Do you actually want to be a fighter?"

Nate Rubins defeated Dale Walters via submission due to rear naked choke at 2:30 of the 1st round

...I guess that 0-10 record was well earned...or should I say 0-11? No bottom cross sides guillotines! How many times do I have to yell that at my computer screen?

Jason Huntley defeated Sam Khom via submission due to triangle choke at 1:26 of the 2nd round

Nice triangle. What? I can be positive sometimes. And I like BJJ.

Ash Majok defeated Dustin Murphy via unanimous decision (missed the scores)

Props to Majok for the constant submission attempts, equally, props to Murphy for surviving and keeping his head til the bell.

Charles Anozie defeated Raul Rodriguez via submission due to Marcelo-tine at :18 of the 1st round

Holy f*** that was fast! If I didn't know better, that was a BJJ match with a fastest submission prize, not an MMA fight. And you knows I loves the marcelo-tine.

I'm out of cookies, but the whiskey is still flowing strong, I may not bother with any more commentary. Snarky is one thing, but I'm trying to grow as a person.  Or something stupid like that.

Marc Renville defeated Sam Hernandez via submission due to triangle choke at 2:30 of the 2nd round

Renville's a tough f***er. Not sure he actually breathes air with as deep as the 1st round guillotine was on him. Props to Hernandez for his own survival skills. I counted at least 5 solid submissions he escaped before the end.

Steve Moore defeated Logan McPadden via unanimous decision

Dalton Albrent defeated George Spears via unanimous decision

It's getting dark here. Lots of fights + my couch + my liquor shelf = something creative and funny that I'm too drunk to think of now.

Jesse Armbruster defeats Thomas Rawson via KO at 1:16 of the 3rd round

Cameron Gilliam defeated Lydell Miller via TKO at 2:16 of the 1st round

Melvin Blummer defeated Donald Williams via submission due to guillotine at 3:38 of the 3rd round.

Been waiting a while to see a Blummer fight. Nicely done.

Codie Kahler defeated Mike Zimmer via submission due to triangle choke at 1:56 of the 2nd round.

Kid's a freaking beast. Quickly becoming my favorite fighter to watch.

Ben Smith defeated Jordan Fass via unanimous decision.

It is so late, I'm just going to take a little nap. If I miss anything, I'll play catch up in the morning.

Nick Compton defeated Matt Veal via split decision.

Okay, I admit it, I fell asleep while they were walking in and just finished this article at 7:45am on Saturday. My head hurts, but my breath smells like I guess that balances out.