MTT Submission Only No Gi Tourney (3/16/13) Results

mtt-banner2-circuit Sick competition including a 23 man Intermediate Absolute division and a match that we actually needed to have go to decision after it reached 50 minutes (it was holding up the rest of the f***ing matches)!

Here are the results, I'm sure there are some errors, but let me know and I'll fix them.

Advanced Absolute

1st- Zach Bauer (Warrior's Cove)

2nd- Jake Bills (W.C.)

3rd Dustan Petron (MTT)

Advanced 160-190

1st- Brandon Bergeron

2nd- Zach Bauer

3rd- Ben Lindau

Women's Absolute

1st- Angelique Homan (W.C.)

2nd- Pam Sorenson

3rd- Sara Elder

Women's Over...A certain weight

1st- Angelique Homan

2nd- Sara Elder

Women's Under...A certain weight

1st- Pam Sorenson

2nd- Bonnie Stoehr

3rd- Casey Alfveby

Intermediate Absolute (23 man bracket)

1st- Tony Bous (Next Level Combat)

2nd- Zach Jeffrey (NLC)

3rd- John Castaneda (Mankato)

Intermediate Absolute (Over 30 years old)

1st- Brooks Monahon (W.C.)

2nd- Ed Schutte (W.C.)

3rd0 Clayton Summitt (NLC)

Intermediate Over 205

1st- Kyusik Kim (Excel)

2nd- Tony Bous (NLC)

Intermediate 190-205

1st- Thomas Menton (W.C.)

2nd- Kevin Skadstein

3rd- Dustan Hjelle (Cloquet/Pedro Sauer)

Intermediate 175-190

1st- Frank Albrecht (McCune's)

2nd- Clayton Summitt (NLC)

3rd- Jeremiah Carlson (Pedro Sauer)

Intermediate 160-175

1st- Mike Waverek (Valhalla/McCune)

2nd- Chris Koehler (MCFM)

3rd- Adam Sawyer (W.C.)

Intermediate 145-160

1st- John Castaneda (Mankato)

2nd- Karter Holthausen (MTT)

3rd- Marcus Renville (McCune's)

Intermediate Under 145

1st- Marcus Beddor (W.C.)

2nd- Mason Mingiat

3rd- Jack Shreffer (MCFM)

Beginner Absolute

1st- Nick Juberian

2nd- David Donnelly (MTT)

3rd- Dominic Digatono

Beginner 190-205

1st- Nick Juberian

2nd- Dominic Digatono

Beginner 175-190

1st- David Donnelly (MTT)

2nd- Noah Hagen

Beginner 160-175

1st- Doug Andwsky

2nd- Kris Weiser

Beginner 145-160

1st- Sean Strube

2nd- Brian Creager (McCune's)

3rd- Tyler Soine

Beginner Under 145

1st- Freddie Avila (MTT)

2nd- Charles Rudberg (Mankato)

Novice Absolute

1st- Erik Feagler

2nd- Austin Gresmer

3rd- Blake Zafft

Novice Over 205

1st- Willam Seestrom

2nd- Tony Roh (NLC)

Novice 190-205

1st- Erik Feagler (W.C.)

2nd- Aaron Emery (MTT)

Novice 160-175

1st- Blake Zafft

2nd- Josh Smith

Novice 145-160

1st- Austin Gresmer

2nd- Corey Ross

3rd- Marcus Shelton

Thanks again to all gym, competitors and coaches for attending it was a huge success and we look forward to our next event. Probably Gi and probably in September.