Downtown Showdown 12 Results (01/26/13)

It's been a while since I've written a post for the site. Partially it is because I hate wordpress and want to change back to my old site, partially because I am lazy and partially because I would rather do just about anything than think about MMA in my spare time.

Since it has been so long since my last post, I thought that I would do something special for this one. Maybe make it professional and do some research for each fighter, you know, really give it that old college try.

Well, I was a C student in college and doing research for MMA fights is a lot like going to a strip club, you get all excited and amped up expecting something great to happen just to realize you have no control over any of it.

I couldn't care less about a fighter's personal life or story, it doesn't matter. Neither do their feelings. They are fighters, when that cage door closes, I report what I see, that's as far as the world exists for me. If you can't handle my words, how can you handle a punch?

And if you need someone to act like they care, please, by all means go to the strip club.

People will judge me and speculate about me only for the words they read on this page (and probably facebook, too) and that’s fine. I put myself in the public eye and have to accept the responsibility of public criticism. If I couldn’t take it, I wouldn’t do it.

Besides, not one of you out there is any scarier to me than when I used to write about The Raiders football team. Those fans are f***ing scary.

Okay, fights, and there are a lot of them.


Ryan Johnson (0-2) vs. Randal Rasmussen (1-3)

Round 1) Rasmussen tries a feeler kick and gets stuffed on his single-leg attempt. Johnson gets a headlock takedown and Rasmussen sneaks out to take the back. Johnson reverses the position into a front headlock. They stand and Johnson twists into another takedown. Johnson moves from half guard to mount and flurries. Rasmussen is saved by the bell.

Round 2) Rasmussen looks wild and desperate, Johnson dumps him with a single. Rasmussen works back to guard. Johnson passes with a locked in D’arce choke. It looks tight, but Rasmussen survives, giving up his back. The bell saves Rasmussen from a possible RNC.

Round 3) Johnson gets the trip and slides into mount. Rasmussen has heart and escapes. Johnson takes back control, but Rasmussen isn’t giving up. This is Johnson’s fight.

Winner: Ryan Johnson via unanimous decision (30-27 on all cards)

Jay Paulson (2-3) vs James Marker (1-0)

Round 1) Paulson sticks a stick jab and gets his butt dropped with what looks like a counter punch (ref walked in my way). Marker flurries and works to mount. Marker stays patient, picking his moments until he can pound out the TKO.

Winner: James Marker via TKO at 2:35 of the 1st Round

Bryan Mortensen (5-2) vs. Marcel Anderson (4-2)

Round 1) Mortensen is the aggressor looking for a big shot. Mortensen bullies for the takedown and Anderson grabs a very nice Marcelo-tine. Beautiful, it’s over.

Winner: Marcel Anderson via guillotine (marcelo-tine) at 1:32 of the 1st round.

Michael Quinones (0-0) vs. Jake Newlon (2-0)

Round 1) I’m never going to be able to type Quinones this entire fight, so just Q from now on. Q has some brutal kicks and Newlon likes to work the front kick. Q snakes an arm-in guillotine and falls back. It isn’t quite there and Newlon gets his head out. Q throws up a triangle attempt that misses as well. Newlon gets doubled over with another nasty kick but recovers immediately. Q wants blood, but will have to wait.

Round 2) Q lands a spinning back-kick and Newlon has to bully a takedown to slow the pace. Q stays active and gets a tight armbar. Newlon yells but doesn’t tap. Newlon is just trying to survive.

Round 3) Newlon shoots and Q wants a kimuar that he can’t quite find. Q sweeps to mount but Newlon recovers half guard. The stand and Q measures a devastating head kick that Newlon somehow survives. Only the end of the round saves anything more vicious from following. Damn. That kick almost knocked me out.

Winner: Michael Quinones via unanimous decision (29-28 on all cards)

Brooke Tibbetts (0-1) vs. Jillian Kreiman (0-0)

Round 1)Kreiman bullies the takedown against the fence. That’s pretty much all. Sorry. There was a sweep attempt in there, too, but, yeah…

Round 2) Kreiman wants another takedown and Tibbetts tries to get something from it, but just ends against the fence again. This fight needs to be stood up…sigh… Tibbetts turns to work and armbar and Kreiman stacks her, lands too many unanswered strikes. It’s over.

Winner: Jillian Kreiman via TKO at 2:08 of the 2nd round

Jarin Hinds (1-2) vs. Nick Olson (0-0)

Round 1) Olson waves off the glove tap and Hinds shoots for a single. He isn’t letting go, and Olson isn’t moving. Holy s***. Olson’s hands are cement. The ref stops the fight just seconds before Hinds’ corner throws in the towel. Damn.

Winner: Nick Olson at :38 of the 1st Round

B,J. Haugdahl (0-1) vs. Alex Wettstein (1-0)

Round 1) Haugdahl looks a little wild and Wettstein leaves his feet with a slamming double leg takedown. Wettstein goes for the Americana and switches to an arm triangle. Haugdahl answers the phone and avoids. Wettstein passes to mount. It’s all Haugdahl can do to survive the round.

Round 2) Haugdahl presses and Wettstein gets another slamming double. Wettstein gets half guard and back to full guard. Wettstein stands and Haugdahl catches one of his kicks. Haugdahl tries a leg drag and Wettstein ends up on top. Wettstein keeps grabbing the fence without punishment and goes for an RNC. Wettstein rolls and ends the round in top position.

Round 3) Wettstein with another double and lands in guard. Haugdahl stays active up Wettstein passes to half, trying for a keylock, but Wettstein squirms away. Haugdahl starts to turn and gives up his back. He avoids the RNC and rides the round out tough. The fight is one-sided, but Haugdahl is a gamer, never stopping.

Winner: Alex Wettstein via unanimous decision (30-27)

Jack Shreffler (1-0) vs. Jason Huntley (0-0)

Round 1) Schreffler presses for the takedown and Huntley sets up an anaconda choke. He holds the grip for over half a minute before Shreffler is able to get free. Huntley reverses the action against the cage and Schreffler works very hard to get back control. Huntley goes to his knees and starts to buck Shreffler off. Shreffler goes for an armbar in the closing seconds and eats a few hammer fits. Very close round. Uh oh.

Round 2) They trade leg kicks and Shreffler puts together a flurry that Huntley manages to survive. Schreffler gets the takedown against the cage and…stuff…crap…I think I am getting the DTs. Another close round.

Round 3) Did I see a jump kick from Shreffler? Schreffler moves for the takedown but gets rolled to bottom half guard. Huntley stands and Schreffler throws a flurry of upkicks. That’s new. Damn, this is gonna be a split decision.

Winner: Jason Huntley via split decision (29-28, 28-29 and 29-28)

Crap, okay, they want me to do play-by-play, this is gonna get weird on the mic and basically worthless for the writing.

Alex Figueroa (4-1) vs. Jake Schommer (3-0)

Round 1) Dunno, sorry.

Winner: Jake Schommer via arm bar in the 1st round

Lightweight Amateur Title Fight

Brandon Gardner (4-1_ vs. Cameron Gilliam (5-1)

Round 1, 2, and 3, sorry, talking instead of writing.

Winner: Cameron Gilliam via RNC in the 3rd round

The bard once said, “this is no longer a ‘race’, it’s an endurance contest.” Deep breathes, at least it’s time for the pro fights.


John Castaneda (1-0) vs. Bruce Johnson (14-44)

Round 1) Last fight announcing, promise, probably.

Winner: John Castaneda via RNC in the 1st round

You people don’t actually expect more out of me do you? What do you mean what do you mean you people?

Ryan Sweezer (5-4) vs. Andre Tieva (2-0)

Round 1) Sweezer is throwing hard early and gets a momentary clinch. He is throwing hard and dives for a takedown. Tieva works out and Sweezer falls back looking for the kimura. Sweezer gets a bump sweep and moves to mount. Tieva stays busy and tries for an arm triangle from bottom mount, it’s not there. Sweezer lands some hard elbows. The two stand. Sweezer is far more aggressive, but Tieva is far more precise in this strikes. Sweezer lands a nice knee to the body and Tieva gets in an overhand right.

Round 2) Sweezer has slowed down a little, but still looks strong. Tieva is lands clean shots, but no combos. Tieva drives for the takedown and rolls Sweezer, looking for the kimura. Sweezer evades and Tieva goes for the RNC. Again Sweezer avoids…but  not the second one. Tieva forces the tap. Excellent fight for both men. Best fight of the nice.

Winner: Andre Tieva via submission due to rear naked choke at 4:14 of the 2nd round.

Rico Washington (6-5) vs. Ben Smith (2-0)

Round 1) Smith’s kicks have a karate kind of a snap to them and there is a lot of feeling out between the two fighters. A lot. A lot. A lot. Finally, Smith digs for a takedown against the fence as the round ends.

Round 2) Smith gets a strong double, eventually. Then he holds it. That is all.

Round 3) Smith gets the takedown into guard. Smith passes to half guard then all the way around and works to set up a north/south choke, landing short strikes all the while. Minus some nuance, that is all.

Winner: Ben Smith via unanimous decision (30-27 on all cards)

Stephen Watt (6-2) vs. Corwin Nichols (6-1)

Round 1) Watt is mugging, trying to goad Nichols as he ranges him up. Watt lands a few knees as he avoids the takedown. Nichols seperates and lands a knee of his own, stunning Watt long enough for Nichols to jump a guillotine. Watt avoids it, along with a follow up armbar and triangle. Watt gets cross sides before standing. Nichols presses to the cage and lands a flush knee, Watt catches a kick and drops Nichols with an right. Nichols is dazed but survives the round.

Round 2) Nichols flurries, Watt catches a kick and Nichols hits the mat. Watt allows the action to stand. Nichols is throwing off-balance and Watt starts shoulder-dropping and mugging again. Calm the f*** down. Though, douche move or not, the guy can box; proven by the perfect right cross Watt throws down the pipe. Nichols falls against the fence then to the ground to cover up. The ref waves it off, it’s over.

Winner: Stephen Watt via TKO at 4:21 of the 2nd round.


Amateur Bantamweight Championship

Eshan Karam (3-0) vs. Randy Lene (8-2)

Karam appears to have brought the entire Warrior’s Cove gym with him for his walk out. Will it be enough to take home the Amateur Bantamweight Title? Lene’s posse is also impressive, but not quite the same numbers.

Round 1) Lene throws Karam to the ground early and Karam works to set up rubber guard. Lene stands for a moment and Karam flurries up kicks to bring him back down. Karam sets in a beautiful omoplata from rubber guard but doesn’t pull the trigger (he should have broken the shoulder). Lene escapes and Karam tries for the back. They stand and exchange as the round ends.

Round 2) The two circle each other trading exchanges. Karam working at a distance as Lene chases. Karam finally ties up and Lene goes for a guillotine, but Karam lands in cross sides and clears his head. Karam takes Lene’s back and digs for the choke as the round expires.

Round 3) Lene comes out throwing hard and Karam dances away. Lene lands a strong body kick and Karam retreats as Lene picks up steam. Karam drives forward, but can’t connect with his combo. Lene wants an arm in guillotine and Karam falls away to bottom mount. Karam turns it over and lands some strikes as Lene tries for a triangle. Lene gets some upkicks in as the round ends and he Lene tries for an ankle lock.

Round 4) Lene starts out with a combo as karam keeps his distance working leg kicks. The two pace and stalk around the cage without too much commitment on a very close scorecard. Karam goes for the takedown and Lene reverses to top. Karam immediately reverses to top cross side and Lene gets his half guard back. The round ends with Lene controlling Karam’s posture and avoiding damage.

Jesus, don’t let this go to a scorecard.

Round 5) Karam shakes off the glove touch for the final round and Lene comes out hard, getting the takedown and turning up the heat. He passes to cross side and digs for the guillotine. Karam reverses to top and avoids. Karam slides to mount, and Lene turns over trying to escape. Karam takes his back and flattens him out, sinking in the RNC. Absolutely amazing fight.

Sorry Diva, this was by far the fight of the night. Amazing performance from both men. I can’t even imagine having to actually score that fight.

Winner: Eshan Karam via submission due to rear naked choke at 2:10 in the 5th round