Grappler of the Month Contest! Nominate Now!

Let's keep this simple: do you know a grappler/instructor that has gone the extra mile or blown away the competition lately? Are you annoyed that we seem largely ignored and forgotten about in the Upper Midwest? Do you think that the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin have more to offer than a generally polite sentiment?

Vote for Choking Minnesota's Grappler of the Month!

Each month a winner will be selected by a panel of people not allowed to vote in the general election. The winner will be afforded all the same rights and priviledges that the winner of a general election gets.

I.E: I won't make any death threats against you or your family. Even if you think you are better than me and totally deserve it.

Each winner will get a write up and spotlight on the site, and (if you all actually stay interested enough for a full year) will be entered into an end of the year contest for a grand prize! It will be something cool. Probably.

Winners will be selected the 1st of every month and the article posted the first week of the month.

The big thing is to actually get a little attention and recognition to grapplers that otherwise don't get the praise that maybe they deserve.


1) Enter as many entries as you want to

2) You must include a full name, pic or video, gym/affiliation and a reason why you are nominating them (comp success, great instructor, a lot of heart/dedication)

3) Contest is open to ALL gyms and affiliations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota

4) Contest is open to kids, teens and adult men and women. All serious entries welcome!

5) MMA fighters might be considered, but you better be impressive as f*** on the ground.

6) All entries will be kept on file. If you nominate someone now, they might still win months down the line!

7) Honorable mentions will all be listed and included at the end of the year.

8) I'm sure I will come up with more rules, because you all are smart a**es and are generally pains to deal with.

Email you entries to now!