Metamoris Results!

Too excited for my usual long winded exposition so I will just have a brief list of accomplishments for each fighter, a quick overview of the match and the results.
Jeff Glover vs. Caio Terra (Gi match)
Glover is the 2007 Mundail No Gi champ, winner of 15 Absolute titles and defeated Terra at the World Expo earlier this year via points.
Terra is a 4 time No Gi World Champ 2008-2011 and 2008 World Black belt Champ.
Results: Terra via armbar at 13:30…very playful match, a lot of movement and smiles, but Terra proved that Glover’s defenses aren’t perfect trapping Glover in a possible triangle from cross side and transitioning into a beautiful armbar.

Kayron Gracie vs Rafael Lovato Jr
Gracie is the 2010 Pan Am Champ. His other major wins were as brown or purple belt.
Lovato is the 2007 World Champ and 2007 & 2008 Pan  AM Champ
Results: Lovato via kimura from north/south at 11:19…this one was pretty one sided for Sousa.

Otavio Sousa vs. Kron Gracie
Otavio the 2012 reigning Worlds Champ.
Kron’s only major win as a black belt is as the 2012 European Champ. All other major wins are prior to black belt or were silver medals.
Results: Gracie via armbar at 17:02. It almost looked like Sousa just ran out of gas, but Kron capitalized and put on a great show. A very big/important win for Gracie.
Dean Lister vs. Xande Ribeiro
Lister is the 2011 ADCC Champ, the 2005 ADCC Superfight champ and the 2003 ADCC Absolute Champ.
Ribeiro is a 5x World Champ, 4x Pan Champ and 2x ADCC Champ
Results: Draw…though Xande was gonna rip Lister’s arm off at one point, but the Boogey Man survived to haunt Elm Street another night...or some other weak movie analogy...I'm drunk...
Ryron Gracie vs. Andre Galvao
Ryron is the 2012 Gracie Worlds Champ as well as the 2003 Gracie’s International Champ.
Galvao has too many major wins to list, but he is the reigning ADCC Absolute Champ, 2x World Champ and 4x Pan Am Champ.
Results: Draw…did Galvao try to throw this one? Why only the one lapel choke attempt over and over again? Credit to Ryron for the defense and turning up the heat in the last two minutes. Andre seemed more interested in his dance at the end and complaining about the rules. Upsetting.

Roger Gracie vs. Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida
Roger is a 10x Worlds Champ as a black belt (14 times total). ADCC 2005 weight and Absolute Champ where he submitted all 8 of his opponents- a feat never before done or repeated.
Buchecha is considered the best in the world right now as the reigning 2012 black belt and Absolute Worlds Champ, the 2012 weight and Absolute Pan Ams Champ as well as in both 2010 and 2011 winning both his weight and Absolute divisions in the No Gi Worlds as a black belt.
Results: Draw…though Buchecha had a SICK sweep that had Roger in serious armbar danger with under a minute left. Awesome match!

Personal Thoughts: Annoying commentary (Renner said “interesting” about 7,000 times, conservatively), poorly timed and run, a near empty stadium due to obscene ticket prices…and some amazing competition...if you can get past the idea that some seemed more inclined just to survive to a draw... Right idea, but they have a LOT of work to do before putting on their next show.