Cryosauna: The Session That Never Was (Part 3)

Okay, better video this time. Also, note my greater self control this time.

No, that wasn't a flask, don't be was, uh, apply juice in a shiny silver container.

Wait, what's that sign on the door?

Oh, well, it's 3:05pm right now, so...

My intention out of this series of articles was to do three sessions in the cryosauna to help rehab my pre-existing and easily re-injured oblique then to roll on Thursday (only 5 days after starting the treatment) to see the progress.

Well, it turned into a he-said-he-said situation that, even though I never said anything about missing the appointment, it turned into the assumption that I wasn't going to be there.

Oh well. I'm still gonna roll Thursday regardless.

Guess that I might as well make the most of things. Off to Haskell's!

Now this is what I'm talking about! This place is f***in huge!

There's my section...

Wait, what's this?! Holy f***!

They have He'brew Funk Jewbelation beer!!! The Chosen Beer!!!

This stuff is a blend of 6 different ales and aged in rye whiskey and bourbon barrels. I've been looking everywhere for this stuff over the last six months or so. And Haskell's Wine & Spirits downtown Minneapolis on 9th Ave. S. has it!

How good is this stuff? Well, I'm no stranger to the $12 24-pack of beer and prefer to spend about $12 for a 1.75 of vokda.

This is $11.99 for about 22 oz.

And it is f***ing worth it!

I hate microbrews. The idea of them gives me the runs. And the idea of talking about them makes me want to find someone in plaid shorts and beat the s*** out of them and their stupid hat.

But this stuff is amazing! And Haskell's has it!

How happy am I? Haskell's has no idea that I am plugging their store and I'm doing it anyway. That's how f***ing happy I am.

Go there now! Get it before it is gone.

What the hell was I talking about in this article anyway?


Oh well, time to get FUNKY!!!