Cryosauna: A Sports Revolution (Part 2)

Therapy of Champions
Alright, no excuses for not knowing how to get here: 
74 South 9th Street, Downtown Minneapolis, 55402 (the building next to Hell's Kitchen and The Melting Pot)
What? You need more? Like you need me to physically walk the route from the parking garage to the f***ing front door?
But don't blame me if my camera sucks and I get distracted by a liquor store along the way. I mean, really! Who puts a liquor store right across from a medical building?
Sorry about the little break in the video. What you didn't see what the surly World War 2 vet asking, "What the f*** are you doing?" To which I stammered and shut off the camera until he got off at the 4th floor.
So my journey continues...
So, with the original paperwork and how-do-you-dos out of the way, it was straight into the chamber. Fortunately, this time I did actually remember to wear underwear, otherwise I would have had to wear a sock again. 
This sock (no, it isn't shared), in fact:
Shut up. Just shut up. 
You try to fit a beer can into one of those things.
Three minutes later (which could be the dissolve for most things in my life) I was done. The blasts of cold air, while not the most enjoyable things in the world, were now expected and actually appreciated. 
Again, I felt great. As with last time, the owner Branden Johnson warned me that I might be really hungry due to the sudden shock and surge to my cardiovascular system. Last time I gorged at a barbecue, this time perhaps down at the lunch buffet at Deja Vu.
Don't knock it til you've tried it.
It is on my way out that I stop and talk with Chris Mosier; neurological fitness trainer and founder of The Mosier Method.
What is the Mosier Method? Well, I signed an agreement that said something about giving up my first born son, or maybe it was a nondisclosure agreement, I never really read them, so I can't get into specifics at the moment.
What I can tell you is that using direct stimulation he increased the flexibility in my back about 25%. 
Which to you means nothing, so try this. Stand with both of your feet together and rotate yourself as far to each side as you can. I can turn myself to about a 45 degree angle (it means I can look directly right or left only rotating my core).
After just moments of using one small aspect of the Mosier Method I could rotate until I way almost complete looking behind myself. Like an owl turning it's head.
I've never been able to turn that far. Even after half a bottle a jag and a drunken proposition.
And while the effects might only last for one to eight hours, think about the implications.
Increasing muscle malleability and flexibility immediately before an intense training session (or entire day) means reducing the chance of injury and increasing your body's capacity.
In terms I can understand: you can train without f***ing yourself up!
We continued with direct muscle stimulation to my arms and legs resulting in one of the most intense training experiences I have had in a long time and I never lifted a weight or even stood up.
Do you know what that means? That a lazy f*** like me with joints that are utter s*** can actually train again without having to worry about a laundry list of horse s*** joints.
On top of it, using neurological training Chris can look at the cause of the injuries to pinpoint how to heal and stop future injuries from happening.
Are any of you following this? This s*** is next level...well, s***!
Couple this with the rejuvenatory effects of the cryosauna and all of the sudden you have guys that don't need to f*** around with TRT and other banned substances. They can train like they always wanted to and not have to worry about sour piss!
It means that the old MMA axiom of "no fighter is ever 100% for a fight" will be a thing of the past! You can train like you got a pair again!
Yup, I need more of this.
My side is feeling great. I am dealing with levels of training that dumb f***s like me never get a chance to experience. I'll be back on Wednesday for another round in the Cryosauna before hitting the mats again Thursday to see if it has really done all that I think it has.
Stay tuned for a post of Friday for my final say on how well Cryosauna actually works.
Now, to matters left unsettled across the street...

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