MTT No Gi Submission Only Tournament Results (6/30/2012)

Well, the first one is in the books. It was definitely and interesting ride, and from the feedback, I think we will be doing another comp soon (maybe November).
However, looking back on it, I have to say that it felt a lot like getting married.
Don’t worry, my wife finds my writing just as tired and pedantic as most of you do, so there is no chance she will actually read this. Thus I am free to elaborate.
A wedding is basically a s*** load of planning for just one day. It is all about trying to figure out all the details in order to make that day run as smoothly as possible. You want everyone that comes to have a good time and say good things.
Somehow, a day that started out as just your idea, and your work, turned into something about everyone else. That is to be expected and I’m okay with it.
However, I do feel a little bit of that sadness now that it is over. I really didn’t a chance to enjoy most of it (just like my wedding) and I was stone sober the entire time (definitely NOT like my wedding).
It was hotter than the devil’s a**hole in there and everyone competed like champs. Some of the videos that I have seen have been downright spectacular. A couple of matches were the pure definition of what we pursue in BJJ; wrestlers found out real quickly that without a good submission game, just lay-and- pray was useless.
We got a great turn-out for a first time competition.
Huge props to our cousins at Warriors Cove who had (I think) 26 guys competing and clearly took the lead in medals with 26 (11 of those being gold and running the table in two divisions, including the intermediate absolute).
Also, our cousins at Next Edge Academy (headed by Bruce Hoyer) that made the long drive that morning from South Dakota. As well as the guys over at Next Level Combat/10thPlanet that came and represented a very tough no gi game.
Big thanks to Mike and Fabio for their reffing and everyone that filled in the gaps (we will do better to get it all ironed out ahead of time next time as well as getting a fourth and maybe fifth ring going).
Thanks to Michelle and Kim for working the door.
Huge thanks to Thao Le and Jiu Jitsu Addict. Jeff Swanson and KO Gear. Jeremy Bjornberg and SEG Entertainment. Luke Summerfield and BJJ Life. Thanks so much for the gear and sponsorship! It was pretty sweet being able to give out all that swag.
Thanks to the following gyms for participating:
Now, enough teasing on to the results…
Men’s Advanced Absolute
1st Place- Zig Evamois (MTT/Machado)
2nd Place- Wes Cambell (Spartan MMA)
3rd Place- Bruce Hoyer (Next Edge Academy)
Men’s Advanced 220.1 and Above
1st Place- Zig Evamois (MTT/Machado)
2nd Place- Bruce Hoyer (Next Edge Academy)
3rd Place- Nate Howe (Warrior’s Cove)
Men’s 30+ Advanced Open Weight
1st Place- Joe Davis (Warrior’s Cove)
2nd Place- Tom Mondragon (Warrior’s Cove)
3rd Place- Dan Moerkel (MTT/Machado)
Women’s Absolute
1st- Ashlee Wicklund (The Academy)
2nd- Erin Lane (Next Level Combat/10thPlanet)
3rd- Sara Schloesser (Gracie Barra/Dual Dragons)
Women’s Advanced Open Weight
1st Place- Ashlee Wicklund (The Academy)
2nd Place- Erin Lane (Next Level Combat/10th Planet)
Men’s Advanced Under 220.0
1st- Ben Neumann (Warrior’s Cove)
2nd- Topher Braddock (MKG/Machado)
3rd- Wes Cambell (Spartan MMA)
Men’s Intermediate Absolute
1st- Jack Bills (Warrior’s Cove)
2nd- Zach Brauer (Warrior’s Cove)
3rd- Charlie Schultz (Warrior’s Cove)
Men’s 30+ Intermediate Super Heavyweight
1st- Trent Roth (Warrior’s Cove)
2nd- Greg Gilbert (MCFM/Machado)
Men’s Intermediate 205.1 and Above
1st- Jake Bills (Warrior’s Cove)
2nd- Charlie Schultz (Warrior’s Cove)
3rd- Mahir Lucarevic (Warrior’s Cove)
Men’s Intermediate 190-205.0
1st- Marlin Carlson (MKG-Duluth/Machado)
2nd- Jeremiah Carlson (MKG-Duluth/Machado)
3rd- Pete Gaffney (Warrior’s Cove)
Men’s Intermediate 175.1-190.0
1st- Melor Strum (Gracie Barra)
2nd- Jacob Sajevic (Excel Lifeforce)

Men's 30+ Intermediate 175.1-190.0
1st- Max Lundeen (Warrior's Cove)
2nd- Richard Cochrane (Excel)
3rd- BJ Krenner (Warrior's Cove)

Men’s 30+ Intermediate Under 180
1st- Jamie Tresidder (Warrior’s Cove)
2nd- Charles Neely (Spartan MMA)
3rd- Jeff Martin (MTT/Machado)
Men’s Intermediate 160.1-175.0
1st- Zach Brauer (Warrior’s Cove)
2nd- Levi Danielson (MCFM/Machado)
3rd- Nick Porras (Next Level Combat/10thPlanet)
Men’s Intermediate 145.1-160.0
1st- Karter Holthuson (Petushin Martial Arts)
2nd- Brooks Monahan (Warrior’s Cove)
Men’s Intermediate Under 145.0
1st- Jon Ebert (Academy)
2nd- Reed Weiland (World Jiu-Jitsu)
3rd- Jake Baker (MTT/Machado)
Men’s Beginner Absolute
1st- Jack Haren (Next Level Combat/10thPlanet)
2nd- Justin Kimbell (World Jiu-Jitsu)
3rd- Marcus Beddor (Warrior’s Cove)
Men’s Beginner 220.1 and Above
1st- Justin Kimbell (World Jiu-Jitsu)
2nd- Derek Doering (Warrior’s Cove)
Men’s 30+ Beginner 174-185
1st- Clayton Summitt (Next Level Combat/10thPlanet)
2nd- Kurt Keagler (Warrior’s Cove)
3rd- Scott Hoemke (Warrior’s Cove)
Men’s Beginner 160.1-175.0
1st- Alex Sina (Warrior’s Cove)
2nd- Michael Frederick (Next Level Combat/10th Planet)
3rd- Roushev Charnev (MCFM/Machado)
Men’s Beginner 145.1-160.0
1st- Jack Haren (Next Level Combat/10thPlanet)
2nd- Adam Sawyer (Warrior’s Cove)
3rd- Jon Doerrmann (World Jiu-Jitsu)
Men’s Beginner Under 145.0
1st- Anibal Muniz (Warrior’s Cove)
2nd- Marcus Beddor (Warrior’s Cove)
3rd- Ryan Chilton (Next Level Combat/10thPlanet)
Men’s Novice 175-205.0
1st- Dan Baron (MTT/Machado)
2nd- Tim Ebert (Academy)
3rd- Nick Juberian (Warrior’s Cove)
Men’s Novice 160.1-175.0
1st- Tim Ebert (Academy)
2nd- Eric Saucier (Warrior’s Cove)
3rd- Chase Olson (Petushin’s Martial Arts)
Men’s Novice 145.1-160.0
1st- Dominic Sheck (Warrior’s Cove)
2nd- Reid Steckelberg (Next Edge Academy)
3rd- Mike McCoy (Next Edge Academy)
Men’s Novice Under 145.0
1st- Damian Avila (MTT/Machado)
2nd- Casey Alfveby
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