Downtown Showdown (June 22nd) Results

Sorry kids, only covering the Friday fights tonight. I'd love to do both, but other matters have taken the foreground.
And I'm sure that Corwin will have more than enough support even without me there.
And maybe just this one night of fights is all that I'm up for these days. As of late, I've been doing a little soul searching and taking an introspective look at a life that exists outside of cages and rings, only to look in.
There has been more than a little speculation, arguments and conjecture with both boxing (thanks to the judges in the Pacquiao/Bradley fight) and with MMA (thanks to the guys who can't get out of bed without Testosterone Replacement Therapy).
As the words swirl it is enough to make even the most cynical of us to take a step back and really think about their lot in life.
I mean, what's the point to all this?
I've been reading a, seriously, I actually do read.
Margaret Mitchell: "Fighting is like champagne. It goes to the heads of cowards as quickly as of heroes. Any fool can be brave on a battlefield when it's be brave or else be killed."
Mahatma Gandhi: "Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love."
John Lennon: "War is over...if you want it."
George Orwell: "All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting."
Hmm...that one actually hits home a bit.
Even George Carlin had his moments, "Fighting for peaces is like screwing for virginity."
It seems like some of the greatest and most revolutionary thinkers of our time (and any other) had a stance against fighting. Be it war or pugilism, man's near never-ending quest for dominance through violence has been felt through the ages.
Who am I to perpetuate such a thing? 
Don't I have anything better to do with my life?
You know what? No, I f***ing don't.
I love this G** damned sport. I love the idea that two men will walk into the cage with bad intentions and leave it there (usually).
And I really love that I get to drink while I do it.
This is a f***ing game, deal with it. If you're afraid of blood, don't sit next to me, because I seem to get douched with it on a regular basis. 
On that savory note, looks like the fights are about to start...
I’ll play this one pretty simple: here’s the nuts and bolts (with possible commentary if I get too bored or annoyed)
Cory Scanlon (0-2) vs. Jordan Barrett (2-3)
Round 1) It must be jelly because jam don’t shake like that as Barrett rushes forward with a prodding leg kick. It’s a battle for takedowns as Scanlon works his wrestling and Barrett attempts a judo toss. Scanlon gets the better of the battle and takes Barrett down against the cage.
Scanlon works for Barrett’s back and goes for a rear naked choke with no hooks. Barrett flops out of it and Scanlon flattens him out. It only takes moments of pounding for the ref to call this one.
Winner: Cory Scanlon by TKO at 1:40 of the 1st Round
Branden Bell (5-3) vs Stuart Cambell (0-0)
Round 1) Cambell enters the ring with the swagger of a conquering general, but it is Bell who starts things off, chasing Cambell around the ring with off-balance jabs and crosses. Cambell stays calm and lands a kick to the stomach that Bell falls into. Cambell tries for the RNC, but Bell is able to turn into it, avoid the triangle and get cross sides. Cambell fights for guard and throws up a deeper-but-not-deep-enough triangle that Bell is able to fight out of as the round ends.
Round 2) Cambell looks gassed as his hands are on his knees when the ref calls for a start. He eats a big cross that sends him against the fence, but Bell isn’t planting his feet for the stronger punches. Cambell turns and actually tries to run away and eats three more punches for the effort. Cambell  is exhausted and Bell lands the magic number of unanswered strikes for the fight to get called.
Winner: Branden Bell at 1:50 of the 2nd Round
Samuel Nelson (0-0) vs. Adam Martin (0-0)
Round 1) Martin goes for a couple of teep kicks and Nelson tries to tie up. Martin digs for the arm-in guillotine and pulls Nelson off his feet. Twice. “He’s out!” is all I can yell as the arms drop. The ref breaks the two and Nelson crumples to the ground unconscious.
Winner: Adam Martin at :20 of the 1st Round (Submission of The Night)
Tom Trutnau (0-0) vs. Tom Krenzel (2-3)
Round 1) Krenzel forces the action and goes immediately for the takedown, but Trutnau keeps his composure and turns Krenzel into the cage. Krenzel reverses momentarily but Trutnau again controls the action, forcing Krenzel to pull the action to the ground and try to work butterfly guard. 
Trutnau keeps his base and does his best Hulk-Smash impression, but Krenzel defends and tries for a triangle. Against, Trutnau postures and avoids. Krenzel turns to turtle to avoid more punishment and rides out the round there.
Round 2) Again Krenzel ties up and against Trutnau gets the better of it, landing in top open guard. The two exchange some words and smiles before Trutnau moves to mount and again works to punch out the finish. Krenzel tries to roll over, but the ref has seen enough. This fight is over.
Winner: Tom Trutnau via TKO at 1:10 of the 2nd Round
Adam Gilligan (4-0) vs. Marcel Anderson (4-2)
Nope, no fight here. Marcel didn’t show. He weighed in, but didn’t show. What the f—…huh? 15 minute break? Well PBR me ASAP mother f***er!
You know what, I use the verb “pounding” a lot, don’t I? Maybe that’s some kind of Freudian-thing. Perhaps I should spend more time delving into my issues than quoting authors you’ve never heard of.
Nah, no way I have enough time for that.
Pro Fights
Starr Roberts (3-6) vs Dan Moret (1-0)
Round 1) Both men have lightning in their hands and enough sense to move their heads. Moret ties up and lands knees like he has stock in them. He is loading up shotgun blasts against the cage. One catches Roberts flush and he falls to the mat. Moret leaves no doubt and punches out the finish.
Winner: Dan Moret via TKO at 1:24 of the 1st Round (Knockout Of The Night)       
Semi-Drunk note: Don’t let Roberts’ record fool you, he knew how to move, but Moret was a pure bully (in the best way) and dominated this fight. Watch out for this guy.
Blake Breitsprecher (1-2) vs. Mahmoud Aburia (1-0)
Round 1) You know what, I don’t want to have to try and spell Breitsprecher or Aburia over and over again, so I’m going to cut to the chase. Breitsprecher hit the ground, Aburia hit him a lot. They stood up, the guy with the B name showed how poor his cardio was and Aburia put him out.
Winner: Mahmoud Aburia via TKO at 3:56 of the 1st Round
Semi-Drunker note: Aburia is saying something about wanting to fight Rheaume, who hasn't fought yet tonight. Weird. I don't care enough to pay attention. 

Jake Erickson (0-0) vs Justin Rheaume (0-0)
Round 1) Erickson immediately catches a kick and drives for the takedown. Rheaume (hence forth called “R” because his name makes no sense to my drunk fingers) moves to closed guard and Erickson works solid hooks to the body. R misses the armbar and Erickson seems content to sit in guard. R already has a fat mouse under his left eye and R is taking a lot of damage as Erickson bullies the fight (in the worst way).
R gets a keylock and wants the kimura. Erickson looks calm but has to give up mount to avoid the sub. He rolls over and R fights for the RNC. Time is not R’s friend as the round ends and Erickson survives.
Round 2) Erickson only wants the takedown and R nearly gets the guillotine off it, intentionally falling to guard, but it slips away. Again he goes for the kimura, again Erickson gives up mount and again he rolls to his stomach to avoid. R gets both hooks and starts to deliver punishment.
Illegal punishment at that, and the ref stands the fighters after a blow to the back of the head. Erickson is gassed and goes for a lazy shoot and R ends up in mount again. Oh my f***ing god…yes there is picture evidence of how I reacted to what just happened. A vicious elbow snaps against Erickson’s orbital bone. The ref heard it too. This fight is over.
Winner: Justin Rheaume via TKO at 4:57 of the 2nd Round
Drunk Note: Oh Jesus, Aburia just got in the ring to jaw jack with Rheaume, I’m already bored with this weak-ass WWE attempt at showmanship. I need to p***.
Co Main Event
Matthew Larson (1-0) vs. Brett Murphy (5-0)
Round 1) Murphy lands a lot of punches really quickly and Larson switches to a takedown attempt, driving both men to the fence. Murphy great takedown defense and keeps his base. Murphy lands punches at will every time the windows open. Larson looks wobbled and shoots from 10 feet away. Murphy times the sprawl perfectly and continues his abuse.
Murphy moves away from the cage, but Larson presses the action. Now Murphy has Larson against the cage, but Larson gets the reversal and spends a lot of energy keeping the fight where it is. The round ends with Murphy in clear control.
Round 2) Larson again works the action to the cage and is using a lot of energy doing so. Oh! Larson gets rocked with a crisp combination, but fights through it and works back to the cage. The crowd is going nuts for both men in a constant, nonsensical blur of chants.
The two separate and Murphy keeps landing punches. Larson stumbles into the cage! Oh come on! More blood on me! Not nearly as bad as the Locken fight last event, but what's the deal? Arms and forehead this time.
Murphy pounces and it is clear that he isn’t letting this one go. The ref ends the fight, out of mercy.
Winner: Brett Murphy via TKO at 3:52 of the 2nd Round

So Drunk I See Things Clearly note: Murphy looked great tonight, far better than his last performance where he looked one-dimensional; only throwing two punch combinations. He was tough against the shot and took advantage of every position. Very impressive.

Ah, another break. Time for some boilermakers…oh crap, there’s Corwin Nichols, crap, I really wish I could catch his fight tomorrow. Hmm…maybe if I get drunk enough I can have the detox doctors write me an excuse for missing the fights.
Eh, worth a shot.
Main Event
Keith Smetana (13-7) vs. Paul Bradley (18-4)
Round 1) Bradley eats a solid punch and goes for the single leg like it was bought and paid for. Smetana works to closed guard. Bradley baseball slides through to cross-sides and works for a north/south choke, but again Smetana defends. Bradley gets back to cross-sides then half guard, going for an arm triangle, but Smetana avoids and rides out the round in closed guard.
Round 2) Smetana is all smiles as he lets punches and kicks go, just to get a kick caught and taken down. Bradley is in top closed guard and Bradley moves to half, then cross-sides…again. Again he wants the north/south choke, but Smetana blocks the hip. Bradley transitions to mount and starts the punishment. Smetana rolls over, but this fight is done.
Winner: Paul Bradley via TKO at 2:37 of the 2nd Round 
All done. After party is at the Pour House, but with the Pride event in town tonight, I don't even want to know what happens between guys who shave their entire bodies and have great physiques...and gay guys! Ba-Zing!