Primetime MMA Event Results for 02/11/2012


Okay, I've had a lot to drink tonight and I really want to go to bed, but I need to get this stuff out before I forget it due to the more pressing concerns that I have in the morning. Such as "where am I?" and "did I fall asleep next to a pile of my puke or from some unidentified source?"

So, first off these were some of the best matched up fights that I have ever experienced in a local MMA fight. They were the most evenly matched opponents and it was clear from the get go.

Thanks to SEG Entertainment and Driller Promotions for getting these fights green-lit.

Okay, let's get this over with:

AMMY Fights:

Eulisses Sanchez (0-1) Spartan MMA VS. Michael Stadler (0-0) independent

Sanchez took control early and pressed the action against the cage. He lands the take down and gets back control with both hooks in. Sanchez flattens out Stadler and finishes the fight with a referee stoppage due to punches.

WINNER: Sanchez at 1:25 of the 1st Round via TKO

Zaur Jalil (1-1) Doc's Gym and AMA VS. Kevin Vang (3-0) Ironworks

After a few wild swings from both fighters, Vang gets the take down, but Jalil is able to get butterfly guard and both fighters stand. Vang is swinging for the KO and eventually drags the fight back to the ground. He passes to cross sides as Round 1 ends.

Round 2 opens with Vang once again swinging for the fences, but Jalil finally lands the judo take down that we have been waiting for and solidifies scarf hold immediately working for the americana lock with his leg. Vang gives a strong attempt to escape, but the lock is too tight. Vang is forced to tap at 1:29 of the 2nd round.

Winner: Zaur Jalil via submission at 1:29 of Round 2

Sam Khom (0-1) "independent" VS. Ehsan Karam (0-0) "independent" *cough Warrior's Cove cough*

Before the fight started a ring card girl walked around with an a** that made me not give a f*** about the fight that was about to start. But I'm a pro, I guess, so here's what I got.

Khom, a right handed fighter, opens the round with seven consecutive right crosses without a single jab. Karam's offense consists entirely of leg kicks. Yup, it's a stand-up showcase.

Khom forces the action against the cage and gets double under hooks. I must still be thinking about that phat a** because I can't figure out how he suddenly just falls down backwards, but Karam takes the opportunity to secure mount. Khom turns over to defend a few times, but Karam is able to sink in a rear naked choke for the win.

WINNER: Ehsan Karam via RNC at 1:57 of the 1st Round.

Kelly Ehrhorn (0-2) God's Army (yes, you read that right) VS. Randy Lene (3-2) Spartan MMA

Lene comes out early throwing jabs. Sort of. They aren't so much jabs as they are lunging motions with the intention of hitting someone in the face. That being said, Ehrhorn is standing square and takes a few shots. They tie up by the fence and Ehrhorn goes for the take down, but Lene grabs the fence and the ref stops the action to take away a point.

When the action starts again, Lene starts up again with punches that, if the right picture were taken, look more like Jesus on the cross than anything Freddie Roach would teach. Still, they find their home and Ehrhorn is wobbled. One more lands and Ehrhorn collapses backwards against the fence.

The ref stops the action and the God's Army corner acts very un-Christian in their temper tantrum, storming off to have someone else drag their barely conscious fighter from the cage.

WINNER: Randy Lene (3-2) via KO at 1:54 of Round 1 (though I think that Tom Schmitz might have a few things to say about his striking at the gym on Monday)

Joel Wales (2-3) missed it again VS Jacob Ostrowski (2-1) here too, my bad 

Both men are throwing punches and the two look similar in their styles, but Wales is landing with great damage. He is able to get the take down and rides out the round in top half guard landing what strikes he can against the defending Ostrowski which upon further inspection have been very significant.

Round 2 opens and Ostrowski's face looks like he has been in a car wreck. However, Wales does not pull the trigger and switches to leg kicks. Then going for a somewhat half-assed spinning back kick, he misses and Ostrowski is able to get a take down, landing on his back he locks in an arm-in guillotine and forces Wales to tap.

WINNER: Jacob Ostrowski via submission in Round 2

Tom Krenzel (2-2) Spartan MMA VS Tom Lytle (0-1) Warrior's Cove

It appears that the cousin of Chris "Lights Out" Lytle has some place more important to be because he drags Krenzel in guard and locks in a not-quite-instructional-DVD-quality-triangle. But it is good enough to get the tap and the win.

He follows it up with a look of "how excited can I be?" that reminds me of my glory days cutting the rug at Middle School dances. But hey, it's a win and he made it look easy. You go, Napoleon. 

WINNER: Tom Lytle just 28 seconds into Round 1 (SUBMISSION OF THE NIGHT)

Nick Reece (1-0) Borderline Combat (?) VS Corwin Nichols (1-0) Ironworks

Nichols looks like a giant at 168 and gets the early take down against the cage. He is fighting with a full head of steam and one young lady in the audience, upon assessing the situation, came to the assessment of "COME ON COR! F*** HIS FACE UP!"

Nichols needs no motivation and aggressively controls the fight on the ground until Reece can make his way to his feet. Nichols starts throwing punches reminiscent of Don Frye in his Pride days forcing Reece to shoot for the take down.

To his credit, Reece has not only defended the major strikes, but he has forced the action against a very aggressive opponent. Nichols locks up guard and eventually finds his way back to his feet. Nichols lands another power double that almost buckles the cage wall as time expires.

Round 2 opens with Reece the aggressor, showing no signs of backing down from the fight and attempting a take down. Nichols sprawls, takes the back. Reece makes a strong attempt to escape, but Nichols stays with him, locks up a body triangle and eventually sinks in the rear naked choke.

WINNER: Corwin Nichols via RNC in Round 2 (FIGHT OF THE NIGHT)

Personal Commentary: Corwin, yes, I know I pointed this out to you last night as well, but save some energy. You sounded like...well, this guy:

Please don't hit me. I look forward to your next fight. Again, as long as it isn't against me.


Aaron Maldonado (5-2) Focus MMA VS. Kenneth Glenn (3-0) Spartan MMA

Both men start out pawing at each other and Glenn gets the take down, landing in top half guard. Eventually the fight is stood back up with more pawing. Glenn goes for another take down, Maldonado falling back to guard and trying a triangle attempt that misses.

Glenn passes to side control and quickly to mount. Maldonado turns over and Glenn has his back attempting the choke. Maldonado defends and is able to turn back into bottom half guard.

Maldonado is now showing a gash under his eye. He gets back to his feet and Glenn starts to throw bombs against Maldonado who can only cover and do his best to move and evade.

After several unanswered strikes the ref step in and waves off the fight. Maldonado's corner explodes with explicatives as their fighter is still standing and attempting to defend. Their words are not heeded.

WINNER: Kenneth Glenn via TKO at 4:31 of Round 1

Personal Commentary: It was a tough call. It would have been a better call if it were an Ammy fight. Maldonado was still defending and at least trying to get away. However, in the heat of the moment the ref was protecting the visibly hurt fighter. Not to mention that Glenn still had a full gas tank and was throwing when the fight was stopped.

Don't say you can make the call at home plate unless you been there. It's tough, but it happens. 

Kurtis Ehrhorn (4-2) God's Army VS. Lloyd McKinney (5-2) Spartan MMA/Ironworks

Ehrhorn comes out with a vengeance, perhaps hoping to make up for his brother's brutal knockout earlier in the fight. He lands the take down and McKinney isn't able to sink the arm-in guillotine. However, McKinney is able to secure an arm for a very deep kimura from open guard.

But Ehrhorn isn't taping, he rolls against the cage and out of the submission. McKinney holds the arm and goes for an armbar, which is also avoided, then a north-south kimura, which Ehrhorn also escapes. It is clear the fighter refuses to quit regardless of McKinney's impressive BJJ display. His arm will break before he taps.

However, Ehrhorn is willing to spit out his mouth guard. The first time lead against the cage to a warning, the second (soon after) results in a point deduction. The round ends with Ehrhorn landing a cage rattling double leg take down and avoiding another guillotine (after which he once against loses his mouth piece).

Round 2 opens with Ehrhorn dancing and taunting McKinney until all of the sudden his mouth guard comes firing out of his mouth for the FOURTH TIME (as if the Hand of God himself ripped it from his mouth)! McKinney lands a few punches before the ref call call off the fight. It is a disqualification of Ehrhorn for the constant and flagrant mouth guard violations.

Ehrhorn voices his displeasure at having to eat several punches before the ref waves off the fight and pulls a Forrest Griffin out of the cage.

WINNER: Lloyd McKinney via DQ in the 2nd Round

Personal Commentary: Get a dentist to fit your mouth guard and actual train with it before a f***ing fight. Otherwise, you deserve to be DQ'd. It is bush league s***. 

It was a close fight with both men pressing the action. McKinney got the better of what happened on the ground, but it was Ehrhorn that took it there. A fitted mouth guard could have turned this into the Fight of The Night.

It's been a bad day for "God's Army" and perhaps a name change is in order. Something along the lines of "God's National Guard"?


Billy Christianson (5-1) crap, sorry VS Ben Neumann (4-0) Warrior's Cove

The fight opens much as expected with Neumann working the Warrior's Cove style of gap fighting to keep the distance with leg kicks, however Christianson is having none of it and forces the action towards the cage.

Neumann jumps guard and transitions down to a heel hook attempt. He is either unwilling to go for the break or he is out of position because Christianson is able to eventually roll out of it and transition back to the top.

Neumann stays mobile on his back trying for a triangle, which Christianson passes and then starts to move for an armbar when Christianson lands a bomb square to Neumann's face, dazing the fighter. Two more hard blows land to the now unconscious Neumann and the fight is called.

WINNER: Billy Christianson via KO in the 1st Round

Personal Commentary: This was the most hyped fight of the night. Warrior's Cove is two doors down from the venue and the crowd seems fairly equally divided between camps. Neumann worked the game that has brought him this far, but Christian worked to the inside, stayed patient on the ground an capitalized. A well fought fight.

Okay, this is the edited version, but my head hurts.

These were the best fight match ups of the night. Regardless of my commentary, the skills of the fighters were equally matched as was their intensity. I hope to see a lot more of these kinds of fights in the future.

Not only that but the crowd *gasp* didn't boo when the fights hit the mat. Amazing!

Though, come on guys, how many times to I have to say it: BOXING LESSONS NOT JUST FOCUS MITS!