UFC on FOX: WTF?!?!

You know I'm mad when you force me to abbreviate.

I just don't get it. In the first event, you decided to only do one fight, granted it was a title fight that had potential for fireworks, but still. It was also one that could end just like it did: with a really f***ing fast TKO. Your fear of bad fights overshadowed the simple math of how awesome the other fighters on the card are.

And, of course, it was the fight right before that featuring fan favorites Ben Henderson and Clay Guida that was Fight Of the Night and no one outside of Facebook saw it.

So, how do you make up for that mistake? Let's do a couple of fights that will decide the #1 contender.

Okay, I can get behind that, you don't necessarily want to give away your championship money draws (even if Diaz vs Conduit could end up being a bloody brawl worthy of the ages).

Here's the problem: your contenders are all wrestlers. Wrestlers that are known for going to decision and stalling things out.

Great idea guys!

Sure, there is always a punches chance that the fight. Just didn't happen.

Kind of a b**** isn't it? Strikers might end the fight in 10 seconds and wrestlers might prolong the fight into agony. I can't imagine the Dana has had a solid s*** in years because of this kind of stuff.

And which bout was Fight Of the Night? The fight immediately preceding the FOX broadcast featuring the highly explosive Evan Dunham and Minnesota's own Nik Lentz.

Dunham showed excellent standup and Lentz showed to have a sort of epiphany as a fighter. He evolved from wrestler to grappler and striker. He showed poise on his back and his striking looked far more crisp that Minnesotan's tend to show on the big stage.

And no one saw it.

Get your s*** together. I get that there are $$$ in PPV, but the opportunity for the sport to reach the masses needs to be more important than cash in hand. One more snoozer of a main event fight and fans are just going to start getting annoyed at seeing the plugs in the lower corner of their TV screens during more exciting sporting events.

Now I don't blame Dana or Joe or anyone for the performance of the fighters. That's ignorant and, at worst, I'm stupid.

What? There's a difference.

These guys are contenders and can be marketed because of their personality. It's not his fault they turned into sivs on the small screen big stage.

How scary is it that, right now, it looks like Nate Diaz in his booked fight for UFC on FOX 3 could have a direct impact on the future of MMA in the mass market?

(several minutes later, after a sip of Two Gingers Whiskey and a Red Bull...that's right, shame is not one of my vices)

Okay, I feel better. That all being said, I feel nothing but the utmost joy in what the future looks like for MMA. The undercard featured some great fights with men that are taking full advantage of their opportunity on the big stage.


Now those that know me know I despise heel hooks, but that set up is all kinds of awesome and worth a shot. Of course, I'm the Baby Huey of BJJ around here so there is a chance that you might suddenly hear a strange echoing pop for miles and miles away.
In the end, it is just a sad trend that the established fighters are the ones who are playing it safe. I know, they have a lot to lose, but let's face it, the UFC and MMA have even more to lose when riding on the backs of your weak a** performances.