What Part of "MIXED MARTIAL ARTS" Don't You Understand?

I'm a pretty smart guy.
I applied to college once.
I didn't get in, but I hear that The DeVry Institute is pretty exclusive and it's all about who you know.
So, for the life of me, I just can't figure out why there are so many fighters out there (at all stages of the game) that don't seem to understand the concept of MIXED MARTIAL ARTS.

There are actually people out there that have the unbelievably great opportunity to JUST BE FIGHTERS. They brag about three training sessions a day and have their little highlights from training to make everyone see how intense they are... then they gas out or throw a kick that is just a notch worse than... well, me.

There are a lot of incredible athletes out there- yes, Brock Lesnar is one- that decided to make the transition into mixed martial arts with a fairly limited game.
The key is that they are really really really good at that one thing they do. 
Damian Maia is another.
I was about to list about a dozen other fighters until I realized that they were all grapplers. That makes me sad, but it brings up a good point:
All fights start standing up.
It is probably why wrestlers do so well at the early stages of their careers. A good take down is hard to stop and when the fight is in the cage, you are about as likely to get back up when pinned against the cage as I am to win a... well, anything. Fill in your own damn joke, I can't be doing everything for you.
Then they start to go against fighters that have been doing it for a while. Fighters that have been also training muay thai or *gasp* boxing!
Which leads me to another points: FOCUS MITS AREN'T BOXING!!!
Don't get me wrong, this impresses the hell out of me. It looks really cool and it exemplifies exactly how fast Sean Sherk really is. He has incredible take downs and body fat that makes me a combination of jealous and gay. There is just one problem:
Maybe TWO problems:
Which leads to:
Fighters don't let you get a foot away from them to work combinations.

And it's not like Sherk is the only one to show this sort of behavior. There is a ridiculous number of fighters out there that will coast by on the talent that have presented and worked on prior to MMA. Well, MMA isn't wrestling. MMA isn't muay thai. MMA isn't boxing. MMA isn't BJJ. It is all of the above.

Train that way for f***'s sake!

So, then who does it right, at least as far as boxing is concerned?
Lots of guys. Look at guys like Chris Lytle or Junior Dos Santos. Guys that actually TRAIN BOXING when they train. I'm not talking about focus mits or heavy bags or wearing boxing gloves while still allowing takedowns. 
I'm talking about actual boxing. Find your range. Learn to move your head. When a real punch is flying at you with no chance for a takedown, you can learn to focus, find your feet and get range on your opponent to land the punches you dream about.
If you want the glory and you want the glory and you want to be the guy on the highlight reel... or perhaps the guy that actually finishes a fight and gets a shot at the title, stop doing things the way you always have, step outside of your comfort zone and figure out exactly what you are f***ing doing wrong!

And it isn't just grapplers. Houston Alexander showed how you can punch like a freight train but look like an up-turned turtle on the ground. TRAIN LIKE YOU WANT TO BE THERE!

Or at least like you want people like me to stop bitching all the time.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a flight to catch in which I will criticize the pilots for their technique then immediately to a 4-Star restaurant to tell them how to cook.
Why does everyone suck except me?