1st Ever Choke-ing Photo Contest!!!

F*** Planking.

It's yesterday's news.

F*** Owling

You've probably never heard of it anyway.

F*** Tebow-ing

Because Tim Tebow sucks.

This is the age of Choke-ing!

Post your best pic of you performing a rear naked choke (try to reenact the Choking Minnesota logo like above... especially if you are somewhere you shouldn't be and only an eye should be visible for the court records) and enter yourself in a contest to win a limited edition Choking Minnesota t-shirt delivered directly to your door!

Hey, it's big deal. This **** is all out of pocket for me.

The Contest starts NOW and now and is scheduled to end 11:59pm on December 31st, 2011.

To cover my ***, there are a few rules to follow:

1) All Chokes Must Be Consensual!!!
Want a pick of you choking Al Bundy or Kim Kardashian's ass? Awesome! But make sure you get permission first. I'm not liable for you being stupid. No means no!

2) No Photoshop!
I'm sure there are plenty of creative people out there that could create some great pics, but this isn't for those people. This is for people that are willing to actually go outside. While appreciated, photoshopped pics will not be available for final judging.

3) Don't Choke me!
Yeah, I get it, there is some kind of paradox in choking me for a pic in my choking contest. I don't give a ****. Go choke someone more photogenic or interesting.

4) Finalists Are Chosen By Me, The Winner is Chosen by You
I don't need that kind of pressure. After I post the finalists, the winners will be chosen by facebook voting.

5) Only The Person Who Submits The Pic Is Eligible For The T-Shirt
I'm neither made of money nor psychic. Tag yourself in the post. Tag Choking Minnesota in the post. Post the pic on my wall or the Choking Minnesota fan page. Boom. Done. Await the fame.

6) Must "LIKE" the Choking Minnesota Facebook fanpage
Click the button, make me feel popular.

7) Creativity Counts!
It's cool if you get some pic of you choking a local blackbelt, but you can do better. Choking Rigan? Awesome! Choking my girl Gina Carrano on the red carpet? That might deserve a free shirt regardless. Statues, inanimate objects, famous people, funny poses, the more the better!

8) Go on Twitter. Let's Go Worldwide!
Post your pic on Twitter for extra attention! Use #choketheworld for added fame and glory!

9) What are you waiting for? You're already behind! Go! This contest is not limited to Minnesota! The Chokes are out there! Find them!

I can't wait to see what you all come up with. Let's take Choking to the next level!!!