Defending My Cain Velasquez Pick...

It is amazing that a guy can make a pick on the radio and suddenly have to back it up as if people are so brain dead that they can't figure out how he could do it.
If you heard my pick of Cain Velasquez of Junior Dos Santos on the 93X Morning Show earlier today, ideally you weren't questioning how far up my *** my head can truly fit.
As it is a timed segment, I didn't have that much time to explain my point.
And to my detractors: allow me to retort...
1) To Be The Champ, You Have To Beat The Champ
This is the motto that both Anderson Silva and GSP have taken to heart as they have coasted to more wins than any true fan would care to see.
No, this doesn't mean that I think Cain will coast to a win, this just means that JDS will have to either stop Cain or beat him as badly as he beat Shane Carwin.
I mean, seriously, look at Shane Carwin's post fight pic:
Wait, that's Rocky Dennis. I get the two confused so easily. 
I can only imagine that Cigano is thinking, "What the **** did I do to you?!"
2) This Is A 5 Round Fight
We all know that Cain is a cardio machine, or at least he is supposed to be, so he should be the most well suited for the 5 round fight. 
Of course, he has only gone all three rounds once. And that was against the most well rounded striker of his career: Cheik Kongo.
And Junior is a better boxer.
But this will be about who can lay leather on face more and harder. And Velasquez's hooking uppercut was more than suited to destroy the excellent boxing skills of Minotauro Nogueira (yeah, I know he was recovering from staph, but still).
3) This Isn't About The Man, It's About The Fighter
It's hard, if not impossible to not like Junior Dos Santos. The guy is smiley enough to give Mary Poppins tooth decay and diabetes. 
Cain, in my opinion, is far easier to dislike. It isn't the scowl or rooting against the current champ or anything like that. It was his reason for fighting:
He fights to provide for his family.
Don't give me that line. I've heard that same **** from too many fighters.
We have all seen that Cain's father worked hard labor loading lettuce to provide for his family. There is no glory there. No credit. And the work is back breaking to about 99% of the population.
Being a fighter means taking the risk that you will fail and never amount to anything. That has nothing to do with your family.
The guys that are worried about there families are out there working hard jobs that they may very well hate to put food on the table and pay the rent. They aren't fighters who get to hang out in the gym all day, get endorsements and sign autographs.
A fighter is someone that didn't want to be in the normal work force.
And I am fine with that, if that is your reason. But stop trying to sell that family **** shit like you are so concerned. 
Maybe you are, but it was more about you than them when you committed to that path.
Tell me you do it for the money, the fame, the *****, whatever, but stop trying to play the proud papa. It don't fly.
Listen, I like Cain and I like Junior. They have been a shot in the arm for a division that really didn't mean **** to the sport for a long time. 
Suddenly I don't so much give a **** about the welters, middles or light heavies (especially the light heavies) and I am chomping at the bit to see these guys go at each other.
My picking Cain had to do with the fact that when he put his hands on your face it does more than mess you up. It puts you to sleep. If Junior can utilize his boxing and avoid that big shot and take Cain into the deep waters where maybe his cardio gets tested, then he has more than a punchers chance.
But I will have to see it to believe it.
And if any of you are upset that I gave Ru-Ru-Ross a present while I have largely ignored you, remind me to give you a spoon the next time we talk, so you can eat my ***.