This Week in MMA/BJJ News As I See It...

It's been an interesting week or so. Between the No Gi Worlds this weekend and the upcoming premiere UFC on FOX, there has been plenty to talk about.

If you are informed and intelligent. Or sober.

I am none of the above.

The news as I see it is far more important. Such as...

Tim Sylvia got promoted to a purple belt in BJJ

I know, this isn't the video of Tim getting whipped in, it is his appearance on the legendary Blind Date, but I like this video more.

With his new promotion, Tim has proven that sometimes the best time to focus and improve as an all-around fighter is when no one cares about you anymore.

Two No Gi Worlds BJJ Competitors Foiled an Armed Robbery

I know that I have already posted about this, but it deserves to be mentioned again. Brent Alvarez and Billy Denney deserve a round of High Life's and a few shots of SoCo.

There really isn't anything funny about this...

Is anyone else bummed that neither one of them tried to jump guard?

Che Mills KO's Chris Cope in 40 seconds at UFC 138

The TUF "Man of 1000 WOO!" got put to sleep in a hurry to learn that, much like Kurt Angle...

Nobody can Woo! like the Nature Boy.

Though I would have paid a small fortune to see Cope get tied up upside down in ring ropes in the process.

Superhero and amateur MMA fighter Ben "Flattop" Fodor (AKA Phoenix Jones) official lost his day job.

After breaking up a fight that wasn't really happening using a can of pepper spray, undefeated MMA fighter Phoenix Jones lost his job. What was his day job?

Okay, not really, but the line is hilarious and I'm not allowed to say these kinds of things in public or polite conversation.

He actually worked with autistic children and from all accounts he was good at his job with several recommendations. And autistic children everywhere can range in severity yet go one to live incredible and fulfilling lives despite the social stigma of being labelled with a learning disability.

That being said, when the kids he worked with found out he thought he was a crime fighter, the consensus was, "What? Are you r...."

Dana White Announced That Only Dos Santos/Velasquez Fight Will Be Broadcast

That's right. According to White, even if the fight only goes for 10 seconds, no other fights will be aired. The rest will be available to stream on Facebook or

Proving once again, that while Uncle Dana wants to appear the bastion of MMA kindness, it is the fans that have to...

Yeah, there is a lot more that has been going on: Kos/Conduit will happen as a #1 contender match on Superbowl Weekend, ESPN thinks that Jon Jones will be the Michael Jordan of MMA, Ed Soares is in deep s*** with Anderson Silva and on and on, but I couldn't find that all seemed like a lot of work to write about.