Is Rousimar Palhares Insane? Nope, Just A Douche

Go ahead, you be the judge. Douche or not?

Now, before I break it down let me make two things clear:

1) Rousimar Palhares is an incredible athlete that could end my life without too much difficulty

2) I'm a douche bag, too. BJJ is a douche-y sport. In fact, I fully intend to open a Choking Minnesota Presents: DBJJ gym some day.

But at least I'm a douche bag that doesn't break people's legs.

2:04 Palhares falls back for the heel hook

2:06 Avellan spins to avoid the heel hook, taking him off the side of the mat.

2:08 The ref puts his hands on Palhares to get the competitors to freeze

2:10 With a hand on his back and a ref telling him to stop he starts to twist to lock in the move, much to the confusion of Avellan, who has stopped moving.

2:13 Palhares does his "Hulk Smash" impression by grabbing the back of Avellan's head. Perhaps as a show of affection. It is not taken as such.

2:19 Palhares shows what his intention was and give what I want to call the Brazilian Bro Hug.

2:23 Just in case the two men that are looking at him weren't paying attention, he does the BBH again.

2:52 Yup, you guessed it. He goes in for another BBH. Avellan is having none of it and shows his displeasure as the judges confer and decide to put him back into the heel hook.

3:30 The match restarts with the lock already in place, Avellan tries to spin right away, Palhares torques HARD. And just about breaks Avellan's leg in half.

Before you make your decision, forget about seeing Palhares have to pried away from a heel hook in the UFC, which resulted in a broken leg and a suspension.

Forget about his fight against Dan Miller where he decided that the fight must be over, so he jumped up on the cage in the first round only to be coaxed back down like a kitty out of a tree by Herb Dean.

You know what, f*** that. Don't forget any of that.

The guy's a douche.