Complete ADCC 2011 Results

Here ya go!

All the results, none of my hangover.

Superfight: Braulio Estima defeated Jacare de Souza (points, 3-0)

Masters Superfight: Ze Mario Sperry defeated Renzo Gracie (points, 5-0)

Men's Absolute

1st Place- Andre Galvao (by toehold)
2nd- Pablo Popovitch
3rd- Alexandre Ribiero (defeated Murilo Santana on points, 2-0)

Men's +99kg
1st Place- Vinny Magalhaes (on points)
2nd- Fabricio Werdum
3rd- Roberto "Cyborg" de Abreau (via kneebar over Gerardi Rinaldi)

Men's -99kg
1st Place- Dean Lister (by leglock)!!!
2nd- Joao Assis
3rd- Alexandre Ribeiro (defeated injury substitution Antonio Peinado on points)

Men's -88kg
1st- Andre Galvao (points)
2nd- Rousimar Palhares (insanity)
3rd- Pablo Popovitch (deftead Rafael Lovato Jr on points)

Men's -77kg
1st- Marcelo Gacia (triangle choke)
2nd- Leo Vieira
3rd- Kron Gracie (defeated Claudio Calasans via guillotine)

Men's -66kg
1st- Rafael Mendes (via negative points for pulling guard)
2nd- Rubens Charles
3rd- Jeff Glover (defeated Robson Moura via guillotine)!!!

 Women's -60kg
1st- Kyra Gracie (via omoplata)
2nd- Michelle Nicolini
3rd- Luana Alzuguir (defeated Hashi Takayo via kneebar)

Women's +60kg
1st- Gabrielle Garcia (points)
2nd- Hannette Staack
3rd- Ida Hanssen (defeated Penny Thomas via kneebar)