Gym Review: Minnesota Top Team (Eagan)

The Crew at MTT on 08/09/11
I’ll be the first one to admit that when I originally heard the name “Minnesota Top Team” I was a little confused. I had heard of Brazilian Top Team and American Top Team, but not Minnesota Top Team. 
If I were to guess, I went to the gym feeling a little snarky and cynical, if for no greater reason than I am often snarky and cynical.
Then I walked into the door. And suddenly, this was me:
Yes, I am the baby seal in that pic. I ****ing love that picture! It makes me happy.
If you have read more than one of these gym reviews, you know I don’t qualify anything. I don’t say stuff like “the best instructor”, “the most successful team”, “the most intense workout” or anything else that might put one group of instructors or students on a pedestal above others. 
However, I am all about loopholes.
I have been all over this state- and many other states for that matter- and in all the gyms that I have been through, this is easily my favorite.
At the same time, I do think I should state that this is also one of the biggest gyms and it is multi-purpose. This is not just a BJJ gym, they also have a separate room for heavy bags and another with a boxing ring and still another with a full gym. 
On top of training combat sports, the owner, Jeremy Clark, has made a really good name for himself as a strength and condition coach for hockey (and more recently lacrosse). So this gym serves for far more than the average gym. 
They were also the main place to train for the recent Warrior Dash (a 5k mud caked obstacle course).
So, please don’t read this and think that this is a better place to train than any other place just because of the gym itself. It just happens to be my personal favorite.
But these articles aren’t about boxing, muay thai or conditioning, these articles are about BJJ. 
At MTT, they have something of a two pronged attack in the form of Judo Black Belt and BJJ Purple Belt Ryan Iverson as well as owner and BJJ Purple Belt Jeremy Clark.
Think of them like the Grey Hulk.
Yes, that is a Marvel Comic Books reference. If you have come to think more from me at this point, your expectations are way too high.
Think of Ryan like Bruce Banner: the mild-mannered every man that you might walk by and not give much credence to. However, the second that you start to walk past him, your feet are over your head and his knee is in your ribs.
I seem to recall a vivid memory of my thinking, “Why the **** are my feet up there?”
That would make Jeremy the Grey Hulk. For those of you that aren’t up-to-date on your Marvel Lore, Grey Hulk was the smarter version of the Hulk, and as strong as the other versions. What makes him worse is that he isn't mindless. He knows exactly how and why he is smashing you. That’s pretty much Jeremy. I wouldn’t turn my back or take him for granted at all, and I have found out the hard way, that trying to out-muscle Grey Hulk, doesn’t work too well.
I have the physical evidence that he can easily crush the **** out of me. And by physical evidence, I mean stains.
Minnesota Top Team has had a lot of changes going on in the recent years, however, it looks like they have found a home under the Rigan Machado flag as an affiliate under Machado Black Belt Chris McCune (of McCune’s Martial Arts). This makes them a gym run by Purple Belts under the direct guidance and direction of a Black Belt. 
I left the Minnesota Top Team gym feeling tired, sore, and completely content.
Perhaps it was the side effect of being exposed to too much gamma radiation…
... It’s another ****ing Incredible Hulk reference. Deal with it.
**** this, I’m out.
Next Week: Combat Jujitsu in Minneapolis (yes, I spelled that right).