God Bless You Bullshido!

Times they are a changin'.

No longer are the most popular martial arts on the block the ones that you can get a blackbelt in within a year or two (once your check clears).

In an age of Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has risen above the rest to become the single most important martial art to learn in to compliment your fighting arsenal (note: argue all you want with judo or Muay Thai, I stand by my statement. And get over it, this article isn't a debate).

The real problem, if there is one, with BJJ, is that it takes so f***ing long to get good at it. When you actually practice and compete against real, living, breathing, aggressive people, the game is difficult.

While there are the freaks that get their legitimate black belts in four or so years (like Bravo or Penn), the majority take much longer. Some well past 10 years depending on how much mat time and how many tournaments you compete in.

And that is fine. It is a part of the game. People understand.

Unless you are a douche and want to scam people out of money.

Enter Bullshido.

Thanks to the fine folks at Bullshido, if you have the suspicions that your instructor or potential instructor is full of, well, bulls***, your answer is just a few grammatically incorrect sentences away.

By posting a thread on Bullshido (as a registered member) you suddenly have access to all the members and staff at the site that are more than willing to sniff out the frauds.

This isn't an ad or endorsement for the site as much as a kudos. I lost several hours this weekend just reading about the douchebags they have uncovered.

Here are my favorites (with attached links):

Jay Grissom

Matt Barvo

I just don't get it. We live in the information age when any acne-ridden, World of Warcraft-playing, parent's basement-living virgin can do a google search and tear your life to shreds.

Why would you risk your name and your future on the idea that you could scam some people for a couple of bucks?

Then, to make it worse, post your supposed rank on the internet!?!?

You suck.

As I have previously stated, I don't really care what your rank is as an instructor, but you damn well better be able to teach and back up your claims.

People are dishing out a $100 a month (at least) to learn BJJ from you and you want to disgrace yourself and the art for some quick cash?

Fortunately there is a site like Bullshido to call your punk-ass out.

So, please. If you have any suspicions about your instructor (like when you ask where they got their belts, they stutter or say something stupid like, "You don't know them") please do your research. Go to the site and at least ask around.

Maybe your concerns aren't valid, but they were worth asking.

Like that son-of-a-bitch that called me out in high school when I told everyone by girlfriend lived in Canada.

I miss that fake hot chick. She had 42DD boobs, LOL'd at all my jokes and liked to have fun.