Comp Review: Submission Hunt Spring 2011

For all us ya-you-betcha talkin, lutefisk eatin, Cohen Brother's movie watchin' kids from Minnesoooota, The Submission Hunt is as big as we get without making the trip to cities like Chicago and beyond.

With hundreds of competitors that come from all over the state- and surrounding states- it is the best time to go up against the most diverse group of grapplers around.

In theory.

Then there are some of us that end up going against the same two guys we have gone against for years, or several people from our own school.

Is this the Sub Hunts fault? Of course not, I just wanted to get that out of the way, because no competition is perfect, however, beggers can't be choosers, either.

Put on by the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy (specifically Greg Nelson and Andy Grahn), the Sub Hunt is our bi-annual big show. We go to it hoping to show off what we have learned over the last six months.

And most of the time we get to.

Not always.

It seems that the main gripe this year is the same gripe that we hear every year: inconsistency in reffing.

There is a disconnect between judges, refs and organizers about what exactly is allowed and what denotes points.

The rules are all there in black and white on the Sub Hunt's web site (HERE).

It is pretty much the exact same as any NAGA rules that you will see. However, human error seems to cause the biggest problem in a game that isn't just about inches, it is about millimeters.

Personally, I don't really care if points are missed, just so long as there isn't an impact on the results. Let's face it, sometimes that S*** is hard to see. And your coach yelling at a ref mid match while he is doing is best, isn't helping.

So shut the f*** up and let the match go on before you throw everyone off because you are afraid of... well, I don't know what you are afraid of. It's just a medal.

So many people have flip cameras these days that it is just as easy to just walk over and show the judges and ref the footage afterwards. If the decision gets reversed, so be it. The other guy should understand.

He probably won't at first and later he will be in the gym saying, "Yeah, the ref raised my hand then some dick complained and they gave the match to the other guy." Get over it. Sherdog isn't keeping track of your wins and losses.

The world will go on.

Of course, I say that in hindsight as it turns out the Rapture didn't happen. Which sucks because I spent all my money on **** and getting my **** ******** by a ******** in **************.

The other gripe I personally have is the order that the events go in.

I understand having kids and teens go first. Parents are a pain in the ass and you don't want to listen to them bitch all day. However, once they are done, why do white belts get to go first?

I want to see the black/brown belts roll and the absolute no gi competitors go before I pass out from carb depletion. 

I like Grapplers Quest for the simple reason that rank gets precedence.

Why should a guy that has been rolling for five or more years have to wait hours to roll while some kid that has been doing it for six months gets to compete right away?

Not only that, but most of the young guys leave when they are done, not bothering to hang around and see the upper level guys compete.

It shows a lack of respect for the sport. And by keeping the order as it is, we are perpetuating the error.

Beyond that, I had a good time. I didn't get to roll this time (for the first time), but it seemed, as always that people were in good spirits. Andy did a good job keeping the pace of the biggest event in Minnesota.

Trust me. I have been to smaller events that took way longer. And frankly, I have been to Sub Hunts that took way longer.

Organizing and putting on any sized show isn't easy. So before we all bitch that things took too long or whatever, why don't you try it.

Go ahead. Whereever your gym is. Post something on facebook. Get 20 or 40 people there and get it organized. Get the refs and judges ready. Get the mat space. Figure out all the logisitics.

Then, if you do it better, go ahead and bitch about the Sub Hunt.

However, until someone does it better, I will still look forward to competing in the only competition that has been able to grow to their size.

And if you really have issues. Don't go. Book a flight, hotel and car rental for some NAGA, Grappler's Quest or IBJJF event.

Or, you can shut the f*** up and make that painful drive to Champlin.

Your choice.