F***ing Awesome Braulio Estima Vids from ADCC 2009

These were for me as much as any of you.

I love these kinds of videos and after the massive disappointment of the Drysdale Tapout Doc, I needed this.

Why are they so great? Because, if you haven't noticed, BJJ DVDs are f***ing expensive and the Estima/Galvao match on vid 2 is awesome.

Also, I'm not particularly bright and I would forget how to find these videos so I wanted to post these.

That's it.


Am I supposed to make some kind of joke? Like I'm here for your amusement?

Please, don't go... I'm sorry. I need this.

I love you very much. I've never said that to anyone before, but I'm doing it now, because I believe it.

I feel it and I know you do, too.