Okay, I know it might have sounded little over dramatic, but I really wanted you to watch this.

It's such a weird f***ing variation anyway. And what the f*** do you mean, "after a technique gone bad you will still usually have this grip"?

That grip is tits! I wish all my techniques went so bad as to have that control after one of my typical s*** fits on the mat!

The guy doing the demonstration is 3rd degree black belt in Judo Angel Perez, owner of Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida.

The dude gurgling is his brother.

So many things to love about this clip. First is the authority of the judo guy who is presenting a BJJ submission (yeah, I know there are subs in judo, shut up).

Then there is the idea that his brother doesn't know to tap.

Of course, we can blame homeboy Angel Perez. He even says, "obviously he can't move from there." Hmmm... maybe that should have been a clue.

As much as I really hate it when I see people snap instead of tapping the mat or their opponent, it would have been acceptable in lieu of almost choking a sibling to death.

Sure, it happens. Chokes can sneak up, they are cumulative. If you don't pay attention when you are demonstrating them your partner can start to black out before you get to the end, it happens.

The real lesson here?


On second thought, ignore that last bit. If not for this stuff, I would run out of material real quick.