Congrats to Next Level Combat's Newest Purple Belts

It has recently come to my attention that the instructors at Next Level Combat in Woodbury- Tim Gillette and Nate Kleinfled- have both been promoted to the rank of Purple Belt in 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu under Eddie Bravo.

Of course, this may be old news.

I also just downloaded Karen Black's "Friday" onto my ipod. I just saw the youtube video of the laughing baby. And I just bought a pair of Crocs (Vikings purple of course).

You know what, now that I brought it up, I gotta see that clip one more time.

Man, I love that s***!

Now, I'm not a Next Level Guy. I have neither the lower-body flexibility nor the, lung capacity... to be an Eddie Bravo disciple. However, I love Jiu-Jitsu.

And I really love it when people keep rolling beyond the rank of blue, shirt.

When one person improves, we all improve. Especially in our backwaters little state. And especially when it is a head instructor that is getting the promotion. We can quibble over business and other s*** some other time. These promotions help our community.

As far as I know, I have never competed against either Tim nor Nate, so I can't attest to their style or skill. Or even if they are stand-up kinda guys (not actually stand-up, I am at least a little familiar with 10th Planet ways). But they run a BJJ gym and are responsible for teaching the sport to impressionable minds.

Let's keep in mind they could have gone the shady route (as many have done in the past) and self-promoted, or even wore a black belt for no other reason than they are instructors. Instead, they started their gym with their actual rank (of blue belt), which takes no shortage of drive and courage.

So, from those of us that love the sport and don't give two s***s about any kind of gym rivalry, I just wanted to say congratulations and wish you two both the best of luck with your gym and your members.

Congrats, boys, you're now a part of the less than 25% of all people that start BJJ.  How do those big purple targets on your backs feel?