What The Hell Do You Think You're Wearing?

Recently I have been asked, "What is BJJ Life and the BJJ Legion?"

I give the simple answers of a company that is there for the grapplers, not the fighters and a way for the every day BJJ practitioner to actually get an endorsement.

However, that isn't the complete answer. The complete answer lies within the enemy. Well, the two enemies.

Affliction and TapOut


Affliction? The only thing that you shiny shirt wearing douches are "afflicted" with are poor decision making skills. ($50 for a t-shirt? Seriously?)

Well, poor decision making skills AND crabs.

Are you people really proud to look like rejects from the last Jersery Shore casting season? Overly-tanned, juice heads that can't walk down the street without puffing out your chests. Pretending like you could throw a punch, let alone sink a decent guillotine choke.

You suck.

And what does that say about you if an ass-head like "The Situation" can get on TV while you are stuck standing in the corner of a bar, acting like chicks are into you.

You think that wearing an Affliction shirt is any better than Ed Hardy? You should wear a helmet in public just in case you fall down.

And for those of you that own the shiny ones, you are even worse. You wish you owned the non-shiny-hence-$20-more-expensive rags. In your desperate need for something that says Affliction you bought the discount stuff.


Why don't you go and try and convince someone that you "train UFC"?


I feel conflicted about TapOut. There was a time when I supported their mission. Even though I haven't thrown a punch since my back hit the mat via guard instead of concussion, I appreciate the goal and drive that the founders had.

The late Charles "Mask" Lewis in particular had a drive and vision for the company. He had faith in people and stood by his fighters through it all.

He and his partner Something "Punkass" Something had their roots in BJJ. Hence the TapOut name.

They scrapped and clawed their ways to being millionaires.

Then Mask died.

And TapOut SoldOut.

I suppose it is okay as long as you look at the entire history of the company. It is like Metallica. Sure, they suck now, but before the totally sold out they were the s***!

Now a part of a larger executive company, TapOut gear can be found in chain stores. Even the TapOut MPS brand can be found in JCPennys.

Seriously Arrogant?

Try Seriously Pathetic.

This brand name of the UFC has less than ever to do with BJJ and submission skills. Fear of getting cut has led to lay and pray. Now you can see the TapOut logo behind someone that is just pinning their opponent to the fence for five minutes.


And let's not even mention the huge swing from BJJ to wrestling in recent times. Submission skills have dropped off big time.

Yeah, I get it. You're getting hit in the face. This is your job! Learn how to do a f***ing triangle choke!

I mean, really, what percentage of guys that wear TapOut can or have ever actually tapped someone out?

And that creepy thing that high school kids do that involves choking each other unconscious doesn't count.

In my day our games involved a cracker and we were damn proud of it!

Sorry SellOut, you're just as weak as Ass-fliction, you just don't cost as much.

Admittedly, I am not innocent. I do have a couple of TapOut articles of clothing. They were gifts from well-meaning relatives that figured the name TapOut meant BJJ.

And yes, I do wear the stuff in the privacy of my own home and will continue to do so until BJJ Life starts making sweatpants.

Deep down inside I am an overweight, acne-ridden, virgin and I needs me my sweats.


So, what is BJJ Life and the BJJ Legion? It is everything that SellOut and Ass-fliction isn't. 

We are here for the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

We are across the nation and across the world. That's right, even the Bulgarian's are rockin' BJJ Life. Now, I don't any idea where Bulgaria is (public school) but I know you have to be pretty kick ass to give out statues for your BJJ trophies.

We have a sense of humor.

If you haven't taken a minute to check out BJJ Life, take it. Check into the BJJ Legion. Who knows, you might find some new clothes.

Who knows, you might find yourself sponsored.