BJJ Could Learn Some Things...

I know, I know, it isn't BJJ. And I appreciate your watching the entire video (assuming you made it to the end), I just really wanted to share this one as, should the day come when I earn my black belt, I want it to be under the final conditions:

1- I want my instructor to wear a Calvary hat.

2- I want my instructor to place some kind of a demand on the belt. Perhaps that the belt never leave the floor to honor my constant and nauseating tendency to pull guard.

3- I want to wear a Camo-Gi.

4- I want some rando to punch me in the stomach.

5- I want a blackbelt from some other random martial art to strike me, ever so gently.

6- I want my instructor to hit me in the chest, but I want it to be the 5-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.

7- I want to put it all on youtube for the world to see and admire.