Yup, this was actually legal at this comp...

The unbelievably stupid part happens at 2:00 on the video.

What can I say that you haven't already thought?

To be clear, this really was a legal move. Not sure how they roll (literally) in England, but I'm thinking I might go for the more legit comps should I find myself in the Land of Big Ben. 

The worst part is that the guy on the bottom was actually working technique. The guy on top had nothing, he didn't even really seem interested in backing away from the open guard. It was like he was waiting to get circled up just to slam the kid.

Then the classy part of walking away. A real bad ass. Like Patrick Swayze in "Roadhouse". "Pain don't hurt." Then again, he was talking about a cut, not a mind-numbing slam.

Maybe my favorite part is how the guy goes ninja style after wander off and goes to his knees. Like he is the peaceful Zen warrior. All in a days work.

You douche.