BJJ: The Political Party

I'm not sure what it is about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but for some reason, politics seems to come up more than I would like. Which is to say it comes up at all.

Perhaps it is because the typical BJJ gym owner is a small business man (or woman, never met one, but I'm sure they are out there). The ideas of taxes and outsourcing and all those other words I don't understand seems to be on the forefront of conversation tangents.

So, I got to thinking, could BJJ be it's own political party?

I say, why not? A vampire ran for governor of Minnesota a few years back. And then there is Jesse, but we don't talk about him.

First, let's look at the main point. We are practitioners of a combat sport. I like to think that we all support our troops. And we have a healthy dose of testosterone that we want to get out.

Then again, this is the "gentle art". We are unarmed combatants that don't finish submissions or go for the kill. We have found a peaceful median between violence and pacifism.

Okay, let's take the Eddie Bravo route. Weed.

While I am neither a user or proponent of marijuana use, nor interested in the legalization of it, I do understand the potential medical benefits that it can give to terminal patients. It increases appetite and reduces pain.

Oh, you have ADD? How about instead of weed you sit the f*** down and shut the f*** up!

Sorry, not sure where that came from.

There is a lot of weed use amongst BJJ practitioners. The idea that it increases flexibility, loosens the mind and allows the body to flow are all key arguments. A very liberal stance.

However, BJJ is a combat sport and could some day come under scrutiny of drug testing. Not sure why, but if some office drone has to take a piss test, why not a combat athlete?

Hmmm... our actions and ideals seem to jump around the political spectrum.

Perhaps religion is the key. Most, if not all, of us have sputtered an "Oh, God" or (my favorite) "help me Jesus" at some point in an intense session of rolling. Invoking a deity would seem to suggest that we leave ourselves open to a higher power.

Then again, those deities tend to come in human form and go by the names Rigan, Rickson, JJ, Roger, Renzo, Helio and the like.

Crap, stuck somewhere in the middle...

Wait, that's it! We've found the way to bridge the party gap! We have found a way to stretch our hands across the aisle.

Of course, we are going for an arm bar while we do that, but still. It's something!

We are the young. The old. The liberals. The conservatives. We are BJJ.

Vote BJJ in 2012! Not just for the Olympics, but let's get someone in the White House that might just go for a flying triangle if peace talks break down. Then offer the submitted a hit off his oneie.