Is BJJ Too Expensive?

Does this scene look familiar?

Ah, the joy a BJJ gym owner must feel on a regular basis when guys like this walk through the front door.

At first I thought that the idea of this video was a bit ridiculous, until I talked to my instructor who laughed, not because it was over-the-top, but because it hit close to home.

I think that if you are reading this, it is safe to assume to know all too well how expensive this sport is. Around the Twin Cities alone I have heard of monthly enrollment costs that range from $75-$175, each with their own rules and limitations in regards to how many classes you can attend.

Few of these schools have black belts as their head instructors. Even fewer have more than one.

Don't get me wrong, having a black belt isn't everything and the color of a person's belt alone isn't enough to make you forget the dent in your pocket book, but try to look at it from a more objective point of view.

First, rent costs money. Go figure, that gym you train in is either being leased or rented.

Second, these gyms aren't national chains (at least most aren't). It isn't like a major gym like Lifetime Fitness. There aren't thousands of members that can pick up the slack (most of which never even going to the gym, all-the-while having $50 a month or more taken out of their dues).

Third, you are being taught. Personal trainers at the gym are $50/hour if you find a cheap one. Break it down and even if you are only going twice a week for an hour that's 8 hours a month. Which would cost $400 at a major chain. Sounds like value to me.

Fourth, this is a specialized field. This is a sport and talent all rolled into one. We claim that anyone can do this sport and yet something like 75% of everyone that ever starts this sport quits at or before they get their blue belt. Less than 10% survive to get their black belt. This isn't something where you can put your money on the counter and just do it yourself. This is talent. This is dedication. This is a BJJ Lifestyle (shameless plug).

And finally... you know what, if you need any more reasons than this, maybe you should head down to Strip-Mall Karate. As long as your check clears you should be on your way to a black belt within the year.