Comp Review: The Iron Man 2 in Savage, MN

Yup, that's a ring. Hey, it worked for Pride (*sniff*, I miss you), I'm game.

So, The Iron Man 2 (the second in what seems to be intended as a monthly occurrence) is an event put on by Savage Entertainment. It took place at Neisen's Bar in Savage, Mn on 01/29/11. Sign-ins were to have occurred around 10am, but lasted until almost 11 as the event wasn't entirely prepared.

Nothing against the organizers, it just seemed that more grapplers showed up than they expected (perhaps partially due to this blog, yes, because I am awesome).

Word is that the last event had far fewer grapplers and those in attendance were broken into groups of four, each getting two matches.

This event had around 35-45 adult grapplers (there were 10 or so kid grapplers that all seemed to be from ASMA). A good turn-out, most likely having something to do with the fact that the event was free. Though, as we were reminded time and again, it was out of the good nature of the bar owner that the event was free to all. And if we didn't spend money that they would have to start charging.

On that note I feel the need to mention it was announced to us that they were against events like Sub Hunt that charge $60 or so and that we should instead spend that money at the bar. A feet that wouldn't have been too hard as the Bloody Mary with too much celery salt cost $6. But I digress.

The event was interesting. The promoters decided to pair people up according to their combined BJJ/Wrestling experience as well as by weight. It didn't seem that any brackets of groups were formed, instead pairings were written on a piece of paper and announced softball style (up, on deck and in-the-hole announced).

If a competitor won the two matches they were guaranteed, they got their pick of a shirt. If they won three they got their choice of available gear.

There were no points and the matches were to submission only. If no submission after the allotted time (4-5 minutes, couldn't really tell) then the competitors would choose the overtime starting position (standing, top guard or bottom guard). The winner determined by the first to achieve dominant position.

So, was it worth it? Yes, after all, it was free.

I know it sounds mean, but there is some work that needs to be done.

First, they need to prepare for the larger numbers. I think they are sure to do this for the next event as the ref mentioned that he would most likely look into some bracketing software.

Second, you can save the announcements. There was a lot of strange announcing going on during the event. Most of which reminding us to spend money so they don't have to charge for the event.

Personally, if you want me to spend money, just charge me. I don't want food or drink when I compete and I shouldn't be made to feel guilty for it. However, by the fourth or fifth announcement, a beer was sounding inviting.

Third, well, structure. An idea of time lines, some way for competitors to know when they will be competing, a heads-up about rules and legal or illegal moves. These things were all covered in the rules meeting, and it was just fine, but it would be good to know these things ahead of time so we can spread the word and get people's interests piqued more thoroughly.

And I think that interests really can be piqued. I love the idea of an event that favors the submission. That wrestlers don't just get to point stack or lay and pray. I think that this could turn into a regular event and get more people interested that don't have extensive experience.

It is a good thing to not have to worry about points.

There were a lot of people there represented by ASMA, 10th Planet (more than I have seen at any local event, most likely since it was a no gi only event), No Rules, MWCM, Team Militia and other places. I think that this could be a great way to prep for bigger events and I love that the idea of it all is just to compete and do the thing we all train for: