Flying Submissions: Awe-Inspiring or Stupid?

Ah, the flying submission. The grace, the fluidity. Is there anything in jiu-jitsu that has the same power? The ability to make even the lowliest of amateurs and white belts look like seasoned vets on the fast track to ADCC glory...

Or are they just f***ing stupid?

Don't get me wrong, the above video is entertaining as hell. Of course, highlights of anything are amusing. It works on ESPN, it works in movie montages and it definitely works for something that can end as badly as a submission in which one voluntarily leaps into the air.

Arm bars, triangles, omoplata, even the toe-hold (the latter once attempted on yours truly. Well executed, surprised the hell out of me, but just missed. I have rarely felt so much pleasure in sinking in a choke as I find a flying toe-hold to be the apex of reckless sub attempts) they are all there for the taking.

Or at least the attempted taking.

If it works, you are the hero and potential youtube phenomenon (as much so as any grappler can be). If it fails you are a dumbass and potential youtube phenomenon, fated to be mocked by everyone from blackbelts all the way down to people that tried a free BJJ class once.

If opportunity presents, that moment when your opponent is reaching that arm out just a little too far, their base and stance just a little off, you pounce! Your position and technique is flawless, you feel the tap and your spirits are uplifted.

Or, you can jump, your opponent can be caught mid shoot and you go rocketing to the ground on the back of your neck. Maybe you are lucky and just plain miss it all just to be passed immediately to side control.

Is it all worth it? Sure, if you get the submission.

You know what, damnedest thing, forgot what the hell side I was on for this post. For the life of me I can't remember if I am for or against these...