"It was a KNEE-BAH!!!" Jersey Shore Invades BJJ!!!

How can you not laugh at this?

Now, I would like to play my favorite roll as Devil's Advocate for just a moment...

First, he got reset in an armbar from mount, that's tough. I have no idea where they were when the ref decided to reset them, but I hope it was damn near in the bleachers.

That being said, let's look at his opponent.I mean, come on kid! You had an armbar from mount!

And what the hell is up with you looking at the ref when someone goes for an illegal move? Kick him in the butt and get out of it. Be a man, already.

Then, oh, what? You got your boy with the camera on your side like capturing this for the world to see is going to prove that Knee-Bahh is some kind of loud-mouthed douche?

Now let's get real for a moment. Knee-Bahh Kid, can I call you Bahh? Bahh, settle down. The ref said not to do the move. State your case. If provided that you are right, you should get to start in the same position, just like the kid that started in mount.

It turns out that you were right anyway, the refs talked about it in the background, that it was legal for beginners to do straight knee bars.

Now, did you handle it rationally? No, you argued location and inconvenience as your main empirical evidence.

Perhaps if you had actually started crying while making your jelly belly jiggle even more, you would have gotten a free advantage point for your efforts.

Not only that, but when you got mad, while still holding the knee bar, you jerked your back, which is the moment the camera drops. Your little tantrum could have blown the kid's knee out. Of course, maybe that would have made your hour drive worth while.

And finally, before we assume that this kid just can't a lose with some level of maturity, actual evidence that he is capable of being completely civil... when being owned, totally dominated and finally choked out.