Some stand (or triangle) alone...

For those of you not as familiar with the intircacies of BJJ (and I know there are several of you as this blog is almost as popular as a baby making a face and falling over after eating grapefruit) the two men pictured are kind of famous.

The man on his knees in the black rash guard is Andre Galvao (a person favorite of mine in the realm of gi competition). He holds IBJJF world championships in blue, purple, brown and black belt levels. As well as Pan American championships at multiple weights and the prestigious Absolute division.

He is not in a good position.

The man on the bottom, who looks like his neck is twisted and legs in a position not advantageous outside of the Kama Sutra is Braulio Estima... he is some other kind of monster.

He hold titles at the CBJJ Championship in 2004, 2006, and 2009, Absolute World Cup Champion 2006, European CBJJ Absolute Champion 2006 and 2009, and finally the 2009 double gold at the ADCC ( 88kg and absolute). That is where this picture comes from.

More recently he won the 2010 World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Cup (83kg division and 2nd in Absolute).

As for the picture itself, this became kind of famous around my BJJ gym. It is a triangle choke. Well, it is an inverted triangle choke. Well, it is an inverted triangle choke being applied by an expert.

The choke itself is set up with a somewhat inocuous windshield wiper movement of the left leg up and around the head. The hope being that the right leg is forgotten about and available to snap on the triangle.

The depth provided by the angle doesn't rely as heavily on controlling the trapped arm as the thigh muscle is pressed deep against your opponents neck.

The instructional video can be found on youtube by searching: Braulio Estima Inverted Triangle Instructional Video (due to copyright laws I wasn't sure if I could post it on this blog, so do your own damn work for a change!).

It is this move that is responsible for my rolling partners passing to cross sides of back over and over again for a solid month as I hope and dream of reliving this kind of moment to help solidify my little life.

It happened twice.

It made me happy.

Then there are competitors like Braulio Estima, who can do this kind of think thanks to his combination of tenacity, skill and freakishly long legs. He has utilized the positions and angles to make his game better instead of conforming to someone else's ideals.

That is the difference between the top level competitors and the rest of the slovenly flock that so many of us are a part of. We are trying to be world champions. We are trying to emulate people like Rigan, Rickson, Roger, Braulio, Andre and so many others that have made their own way in the sport.

At the same time, we are lucky. We have the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants to take the skill and the sport to new levels.

Unless you are like the douche in the late post who wants to win at such ferocious cost that he will break anyone who stands in his way. Because the best time to go all out and prove how good you are is at a local comp.


No, not Braulio. I love him... not like that, but in a respect kind of way... I love Braulio Estima.