Is this really an "accident"? (Disclaimer: Don't watch with volume on)

Here is how I imagine the inner dialogue of the grappler with the rash guard is going as the match progresses.

(0:00) "Okay, let's go."

(0:18) "Head and arm. Nope, don't like that, let's push away and start fresh."

(0:26) "Come on! I really just want to push you down by the back of your neck! Why won't you let me?"

(0:38) "Yeah! Overhook! Now I am going to wrench as hard as I can for a low percentage standing shoulder lock!"

(0:43) "Crap, he moved. Now we're on the ground and I'm in his 3/4 guard. Damn it!"

(0:47) "What is that? Some kind of weird rubber guard? As soon as he lets go of his leg I'm just going to hop to side control."

(1:08) "He let go of his leg and I hopped to side control. Yeah!"

(1:10) "Now let's utterly overpower this bitch!"

(1:13) "Control the arm, step over the head. F*** the triangle, gimme that arm!"

(1:15) "Okay, I'm going to get the key lock and turn as hard as I possibly can while pinning his shoulders."

(1:!7) "Holy crap! His arm just snapped like a twig! Did you hear that f***er pop! I need to react like I had no idea this kind of thing would happen even though I was putting ever ounce of strength I have into dominating him and torquing his joints!"

(1:19) "If I stand up and put my hands on my face I can act like it was an accident. Maybe people will pity me instead of the guy whose life is now totally f***ed up. I hope he doesn't have a job where he needs to use his left arm."

All of the following was narrated by the Effeminate Guy from Family Guy.

Thank you.